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European batik has recently gone through the phase of development where it has been applied to create new classic fabric designs according to the current trends in fashion business. As usual, because the clothing which on the one hand is unique and on the other hand is modern and classic, batik garments became very popular among famous people around the world. Nowadays, silk batik has become very popular among such famous people like the wife of 44th US president Michelle Robinson, model and actress Kim Kardashian, actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens and so on.

Although, you can see how women clothing is mass produced; for example, in China and India, the people who want to be different from others prefer to have something new and at the same time unique. The modern Batik which saved the best techniques and secrets of the past and applied the modern innovations such as environmental and green dyes, high quality silk, so that the end the garment was machine washable and durable. Modern batik garments could be everyday clothing for many years.

Also, very important to distinguish one more trend of modern batik clothing, because not only it has been made of hand painted fabric, but it is also is custom tailored, so that the whole design of a garment absolutely is original. A complete hand painted fabric will be passed to a tailor who will decide what particular design of the a dress, top or scarf will be the best for the particular pattern of fabric.

Batik clothing has become truly international. Nowadays, you can find modern batik art all over the world. Of course, every culture has its own understanding of what beauty is; it is basically depends on culture differences of each country, it is very clear that through the batik art every individual can express herself and get recognition from other people.

We can say that, this custom hand painted clothing is the way how women can build their self-esteem. It is well known that high self esteem is the core for personal growth of any person. Wearing a cloth that represent the status and nobility of the women is directly related the growth of self esteem.  Every woman wants to look beautiful, be loved and be recognized by the people. Although, we all understand that cloth doesn’t give us a complete picture of the person, our perceptual psychology gives us the first opinion of person depending on the cloth she wears.

Finally, because of very limited production of this custom hand made clothing it is impossible to find it in any major department stores like Geox, Guess!, Armani Exchange. The best way and most secure way to find such cloth is Internet. This is why, you don’t have to have celebrity connections with artists and designers and don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on the cloth, there are some very competitive prices there as well as wide variety of choices for You!

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