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Born in central part of Russia in 1957, Svetlana Rasskazova always wants to be an artist. From the age of 8, she showed an interest in clothing, painting and design. Her parents were always amazed how their daughter is creative was a way how she was doing lots of things in her life. He remembers that she was so excited and energetic to paint the walls at their home since the time she manage to basically use the paint and the brush. Her father told us: “She was panting everything she can possibly reach!”

Since she studied at Textile University graduated in 1980. While she was studying at university she met the Professor Tatiana Herbakova, and this turn her life to world of hand painted fashion or Batik Art.  Since that time Svetlana was began her career in fashion industry.

Also, it is very important to mention that, Svetlana was always the person who was creating her own way to do things. She was studying by herself, going to all the artist and designers meetings, gathering knowledge everywhere she can possibly could. She has her own secrets of Batik art that nobody in the world know how to do. Her designs are really amazing. It is just true beauty, as everybody says.

We must say that Svetlana’s scarves are so unique that in fact she couldn’t even make two precisely alike even if she tried. She is pleased to offer something special that is different and original. Each of her garments is hand painted by her personally. Most people are telling us that they got tons of compliments from other people, both men and women, starting the very first time they were one of the garments she is created.

Finally, I want to mention that Svetlana is very people person, so don’t be afraid to ask her questions. She is very busy, but she always does her best to answer all of questions people ask her.

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