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Nothing remains consistent or constant in the world of fashion. Colors change as often do the seasons. One summer everyone must wear soft pink; the next year, it could be white and black. At times, the colors selected as the popular ones do not always correspond with the seasons or time of the year.

Occasions and seasons often are tied to a specific color. Santa’s outfit is red and white or burgundy. Poinsettias are also red firmly entrenching this as the colors of Christmas. Easter has its white lilies and sunny yellow chicks. Winter is the season of blinding white snow and stark colors while summer is the palest of pastels. We associate fall with the earthy browns, oranges and reds of falling leaves and spring with the blossoming riot of colors. It many ways this is a stereotypical approach, but it somehow seems right to follow in the footsteps of Mother Nature.

While it is wonderful to embrace the coming seasons, it is not always possible, tasteful or comfortable to wear everything – clothing and accessories in an identical shade. You can always acknowledge each of the passing seasons or occasions by incorporating a little of that particular hue in some way into your outfit. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to select a marvelous silk scarf or shawl featuring the color somewhere in its pattern. It is easy to find any of your favorite hues as well as a seemingly infinite number of possibilities. Hand-painted silk scarves and shawls also have an apparently endless variety of patterns – each of these superb accessories is truly a matchless wearable art work.

The advantage of selecting a silk scarf or shawl rather than one consisting of any other natural or manmade fabric is its ability to suit any day or time of the year. Silk has incredible warming and cooling properties. It keeps you toasty warm on cooler days, yet draws moisture clear of the body on those warmer days. Winter, spring, summer or fall, daytime or evening, dazzling hand-painted silk scarves and shawls feature truly distinctive designs making them the definitive accessories. Coming in so many different colors, patterns and sizes, it is so easy to combine and match them with a complete range of diverse clothing to create a different style every time.


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