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What is it about hand painted silk scarves that is so enigmatic and elegant? It is the array of colours brought together in unison to create a painting that eludes the beauty of nature and warmth on silk. Silk in itself can be quite appealing, and when a painting is created on silk scarves by top artists, it complements a woman’s skin tone, attire, and overall personality. Silk scarves with handmade paintings are unique Christmas gifts for women and can be worn on any occasion, including Thanksgiving and New Orleans Mardi Gras.

One of the salient highlights of hand painted silk scarves for women is that there are a variety of paintings and colours to choose from to complement a particular skin tone. It is a known fact that silk enhances skin tone and adds to the personality of a woman. Silk scarves, on the other hand, play the role of an accessory that adds the flavour of subtleness to the skin tone. The range of pastel colours painted on the scarves makes it easier to choose the right one for a particular skin tone.

Skin tones can be segregated into three different categories, including:

Warm tones: Women with warmer skin tones need crisp or muted colours with translucent undertones of gold. The natural earth colours are the best suited, although some of the other choices can range from burnt orange to celery green, warm taupe, oyster white, bronze, and jade, among others. Hand painted silk scarves with paintings of the fortune bird or sunflowers with tones of burnt orange, bright yellow, muted green or jade will not only complement the skin tone, but also enhance the personality of the wearer.

Cool tone: Women with cool skin tones need a mix of vivid colours and softer pastels. Silk scarves with undertones of red and overtones of blue complement cool skin tones. Some of the other colours include icy or emerald green, lemon yellow, sapphire, ruby, and aquatic green or blue among others. Hand painted silk scarves with paintings like a sea motif, having generous sprinkling of blue or abstract art with burgundy or muted red as the base colour  are perfect for women with cool skin tones.

Neutral tone: Women with neutral skin tones can choose art forms enhanced by a huge range of colours  Hand painted silk scarves for neutral tones can be an overtone of orange and yellow or undertone of blue and sea green.

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Celebrating a promotion? Gift hand painted silk scarves! Surprised about hand painted scarves? In the age of digital printing and screen printing, hand painting delivers a different and more realistic punch to silk scarves. Nothing can ever get any more real than a painting. A painting reflects an artist’s mood, emotion, sensitivity, and perspective, which even digital printing of Picasso or Michelangelo cannot reproduce. Painting is an art, and when top artists lift their brush, they end up creating something truly beautiful and magical. That is exactly what hand painted silk scarves are all about!

Silk scarves for women have undergone a transformation over the years from representing solid colours to checkered designs and straight lines. Now, these silk scarves have truly evolved with meaningful paintings created on them painstakingly. The painted scarves for women can be worn for any occasion and bring out the best in a woman. Even though it is not classified under power dressing, yet handmade silk scarves have an aura around them that makes the wearer stand out. The paintings along with the subtle and bright colours give the silk scarves a personality that radiates emotions like exuberance.

Hand painted silk scarves for women can be worn at work or at an event or even in a very formal party. These scarves are meant to blend with the personality of the wearer and at the same time enhance their looks. Silk goes with silk! The beautifully painted silk scarves go very well with all types of clothes, especially with silk dresses. Some of the dresses or dressing style that it enhances include Belted Silk Dresses, evening gowns, evening gown coats, halter party dress, strapless dress, evening dress for party or prom, one shoulder mini cocktail dress, sleeveless dress, formal gowns or ball dress, Long evening dress for cocktail party, halter sleeveless cocktail dress, short prom gown, jackets for power dressing, woven blouse with straight collar or ruffled collar among others.

Hand painted silk scarves for women not only complement different dressing styles, but also the skin tone of the wearer. A stunning and bold cornflower design enthused with multiple shades of blue flatters a lighter skin tone, while bold orange colours enthused in an oriental painting can flatter light and dark skin tones. Painted silk scarves are unique gifts for women that have been created to celebrate the elegance of a woman along with the refined sublimity of modern art and paintings.

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When art is infused in all its vibrancy into the elegance of silk scarves, creative sparks ignite the personality. Silk scarves are not just useful accessories but have an alluring appeal that stands out of the crowd. When art or painting is infused into silk, it brings out the smooth and satin finish of silk. Imagine hand painted silk scarves for women enthused with exotic colours and displaying everything, from the modern and contemporary abstractness of art to stunningly sublime images of flowers in full bloom.

These silk scarves for women are handmade or hand painted using colour-fast dyes, with the end result being a free flowing satin smooth scarf that complements the essence and personality of the wearer. The salient aspect of these hand-painted silk scarves is that there is one for every personality and occasion. The artwork and pastel shades used are in contrast with each other. Subtle art is complemented with bright colours while bold art forms like butterflies are complimented with a subtle hue of pleasing colours in the background.

Taking Inspiration From Gustav Klimt

Some of the art used in silk scarves for women are inspired by the work of great artist Gustav Klimt. Famous for the decoration of Viennese Burgtheater, Gustav Klimt is also known for other works, including the Altars of Dionysos and Apollo, Cart of Thespis, specific scenes from the Shakespearean Globe Theater, and the Theater at Taormina. One of the greatest artists of naturalist painting, he is also famous for his fashionable portraitist painting and experimentation with the radical styles of Art Noveau.

One of the top and most common artwork in hand painted silk scarves is the abstract floral design, which again has been inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt. Painted using warm earthy tones against a subtle background of pale mauve and shades of blue and orange, the floral designs look strikingly beautiful. What better way to bring Gustav Klimt’s work back to life than through hand painting on silk scarves. So far, Gustav Klimt’s work has been hanging on the walls of palaces of art connoisseurs’ and museums, but now they can be worn as women scarves.

One of the salient aspects of the Gustav Klimt edition of hand painted silk scarves is that it is a unique gift for those who love art and painting. A perfect and exquisite gift for fans of Gustav Klimt’s work, these silk women scarves are truly personality enhancers.

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