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Sometimes staying warm and looking cute can be challenging at times. It’s not the best way to look at all the time either but sometime we get tired of seeing girls wear boots with shorts and a scarf in the pouring rain. It’s not the best look for the rain but some of us girls do just because to us it’s not cute. We want to be warm and cute and with these fun and innovative ways you can look gorgeous without looking like a big ball of cloth ready for the worst weather.

One of the things to keep in mind about today’s fashion is that even though some things may start off expensive they can really be great fabric and great quality that can last for a long time but that doesn’t mean that you have to always look for the most expensive products. Like Victoria Secret who have a plethora of different prices you can find great quality coats and robes. Dillard’s have great quality coats as well. Old Navy and Macy’s who have great colorful sweaters at decent and affordable prices especially at this time of year. And even nice sleek silk scarves at womenclothingtoday.com But it sometimes can be difficult finding what styles or looks you should go for when shopping or adding to your closet.

1.     A Must Have: A Robe. Victoria Secrets terry cloth robes are beyond luxurious and worth every penny. When you step out of the shower for some reason it seems a lot colder on during the fall and winter season but robes can be worn around the house as well as after the shower. With these robes you can get dried off and it won’t get heavy or soaked.

2.     Scarves! You can never have too many of these because they can be used during every single season.

3.     Boots! Jessica Simpson’s Shoe collection is very admirable and the shoes are very comfortable. Get a neutral color: brown, black or even grey and you can wear these shoes even if it has a heel. Her shoes are stylish for the work place as well as school. Also see Madden’s boots.

4.     Sweater dresses at Old Navy. A lot sweater dresses at old navy or at a great price providing great warmth with a smooth feel.

5.     Slippers. Don’t you just hate when you get those slippers and after a while they loose their cushion. Slippers at Victoria Secret have a great feel and last longer than you can imagine allowing for you to never wear out the cushion.

6.     Sweaters. Sweaters can be all over but for a great quality try Target and Old Navy, American Eagle, and Express.

7.     Knee High Socks & Tights. These both can be found for $6-8 at Target in the tights and stocking section. These are warm and are very durable. You can pair the knee high scoks off with your booties from Jessica Simpson booties or with the tights.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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The look of a lit up city lights, the sight of flying taxi’s, the lure of pounding music in the distance and the soft beat of your heart are all what is included on the night out on the town. We’re looking to have a good time and in so doing we want to look and feel great. Nothing says a good time when you feel good in what you wear as well. So with the temperatures dropping and holiday seasons rolling around we’re looking for occasions to look good and even still we’re looking to look good even if there isn’t a specific occasion. Going to the pier for a good time on the Farris wheel or hoping in the car for a carpool ride with your friends to work, we want to look good.  Entering with this fall’s fashion we see some of the latest styles like sweater dresses, sweaters, tunics, and of course the all out time for the boots season. We bust out the boots mainly around this time because it’s not only fitting it’s also the time where we can be just warm enough and sexy and comfortable all in one setting.

With the temperature drop sweater dresses are perfect for this weather and we can almost imagine the warmth and coziness. Styles like the ¼ sleeve or the long sleeve or sleeveless are hip and comfy and also worn for a sexy yet casual look and also where they can be soon found in stores like Victoria secret. They’re styles are not only sexy and stylish but they also use lasting material. Accessorizing with sweater dresses as well can be very easy. Depending on whether you choose to have a neck line or turtle neck will decide what kind of necklace you will want to wear. Sometimes the turtle neck can cover up the dangling necklace but if you want it to be seen you want to wear a longer necklace. Boots look amazing with sweater dresses as well and make your legs look longer. Having the sweater dress meet the length of your knees or your boots meeting there will have this effect.

The fall always calls for scarves and there are numerous places as to where you can find them like womenclothingtoday.com and express.com, where especially at this time sites like this have their seasonal sale. During this time you can find good deals of course so it’s a good time to find yourself in stores and not just online. Both places are different which means the prices will be.

Finding accessories can be simple enough but seasonal items like sweater dresses are hard to find so be sure to snoop out a good deal and share it with your friends as well as enjoy the night life.

Myquisha Delbridge.

Interested in Silk Scarves and Shawls, or Hand-Painted Scarves? Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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It’s finally here and some of us dread it and while some of us invite it. This is the time we can meet up with lots a family and friends and enjoy our time because it’s that time of the year or we can’t simply wait to sit around that cozy fire and relax with a hot cup of cocoa. But another thing that a lot of us have been dying to see or hear about is falls fashion or what should be worn. But a lot of us don’t have the money to go out and update our wardrobe too much. There are ways to update you summer look without too much trouble with the finding the money to come up with a new wardrobe.

There are numerous ways to keep your wardrobe looking fabulous without having to update too much and add more clothes which only means spending more money.

1.     Keep the color nude. Nude dresses or nude shoes are literally great for any season so keep those shoes, shawls, dresses, and even finger nail polish like Olivia Palermo

2.     Add  boots to your summer dresses. Wear peep toe booties that can show off your toes as well. Not all boots are expensive either. Shoes at like Payless or famous foot wear have shoes that are at a reasonable price and can be used for both fall, summer and winter.

3.     Put on that jean jacket. We all have that jean jacket that we can’t get rid of so wear it even with the most elegant of dresses the look can be pulled of as well with the right accessories such as long multiple necklaces, wearing your hair up with an elaborate clip or with bracelets. Also it can be worn with your printed summer dresses.

4.     Bell bottoms are back. You can wear this hipsters with your plaid flannel shirts and stay in fall fashion as well as update your summer wear.

5.     Animal print is still in. Keep you animal print shirts, bags or anything else they haven’t gone out of style just yet

6.     Add the leggings. Leggings added to your short skirts or shorts is quit common and for fall fashion it’s still suitable. Celebs like Miley Cyrus, and rock out star Avril Lavigne

7.     Pull out your sneakers. Keep neutral colors in handy like Katie Holmes who’s already prepared for the summer to cool down.

8.    Wear Scarves. Silk scarves like those shown on http://womenclothingtoday.com can be added and worn to your printed dresses, shorts and skirts. Silk scarves are also great accessories that can be tied numerous ways, around your waist or even used as a belt.

9.     Military Coats. When now in fashion trend are the military coats which can be worn during the fall and winter

10.  When in doubt accessorize. You can never go wrong with just deciding to add accessories to your old summer outfits. Adding a different pair of dangled earrings or long layered necklaces.

Keep you summer look up to date with these tips and many more that can be found in womeclothingtoday.com as well as scarves and other women clothing for great prices. Keep as much money in your wallet as you can and stay in style with fall fashion.

Myquisha Delbridge.

Interested in Silk Scarves and Shawls, or Hand-Painted Scarves? Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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