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Nothing remains consistent or constant in the world of fashion. Colors change as often do the seasons. One summer everyone must wear soft pink; the next year, it could be white and black. At times, the colors selected as the popular ones do not always correspond with the seasons or time of the year.

Occasions and seasons often are tied to a specific color. Santa’s outfit is red and white or burgundy. Poinsettias are also red firmly entrenching this as the colors of Christmas. Easter has its white lilies and sunny yellow chicks. Winter is the season of blinding white snow and stark colors while summer is the palest of pastels. We associate fall with the earthy browns, oranges and reds of falling leaves and spring with the blossoming riot of colors. It many ways this is a stereotypical approach, but it somehow seems right to follow in the footsteps of Mother Nature.

While it is wonderful to embrace the coming seasons, it is not always possible, tasteful or comfortable to wear everything – clothing and accessories in an identical shade. You can always acknowledge each of the passing seasons or occasions by incorporating a little of that particular hue in some way into your outfit. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to select a marvelous silk scarf or shawl featuring the color somewhere in its pattern. It is easy to find any of your favorite hues as well as a seemingly infinite number of possibilities. Hand-painted silk scarves and shawls also have an apparently endless variety of patterns – each of these superb accessories is truly a matchless wearable art work.

The advantage of selecting a silk scarf or shawl rather than one consisting of any other natural or manmade fabric is its ability to suit any day or time of the year. Silk has incredible warming and cooling properties. It keeps you toasty warm on cooler days, yet draws moisture clear of the body on those warmer days. Winter, spring, summer or fall, daytime or evening, dazzling hand-painted silk scarves and shawls feature truly distinctive designs making them the definitive accessories. Coming in so many different colors, patterns and sizes, it is so easy to combine and match them with a complete range of diverse clothing to create a different style every time.


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So, the time has come to treat yourself to a women’s scarf or shawl to brighten up your wardrobe and provide that added bit of pizzazz to your outfits. You might have a good idea as to the colors that best suit you and of your preferred designs, but what are you going to do about fabric?

Often, when we go shopping for clothes and accessories, fabrics come pretty low on our list of considerations, something which in many ways is a pity when you think about the properties of different kinds of materials and what these can add to or take away from the overall look of an item. Think, for instance, about the difference between a coat made from the finest velvet compared to the same item manufactured from wool or a canvass-type material. While the former would have a look of exquisite luxury and could be worn anywhere, the latter would look far more casual and would have limited wearability. It is not just the look of the item which is affected either, but of course the feel too, and this is equally the case with both clothing and accessories.

When it comes to choosing a women’s scarf or shawl, you will, of course, come across a huge variety of examples made from different fabrics. Of these, it is the ones which are produced from the finest 100% pure silk which stand out, and here are just a few good reasons why.

1. The natural properties of silk are such that it adjusts to the body’s own temperature. What this means in effect is that it feels cool against the skin in summer but exceptionally warm in winter. In terms of wearability and value for money, therefore, it is beyond comparison with other fabrics.

2. Unlike manmade fabrics such as nylon, silk does not cling, especially in the heat. The way that silk falls and drapes makes it totally unmistakable in terms of quality.

3. As a natural fabric, silk is 100% hypoallergenic, so anyone with sensitive skin will not have to deal with the embarrassment or discomfort of unsightly, itchy rashes.

4. Silk feels quite unlike any other fabric and is both exquisitely soft and sensual.

5. Silk is one of the few fabrics which is used to produce hand painted scarves and hand dyed shawls. Even designer women’s silk scarves carry printed designs which are introduced into the material as part of a mass-production technique. The difference between hand painted scarves and shawls shows immediately in the intensity of the colors, as well as in the texture of the fabric. In addition, it is only these hand painted items which incorporate totally unique designs. While cotton is another fabric which is sometimes hand painted or dyed, clearly the quality of this material in terms of look and feel is inferior.

6. Despite appearing fragile and flimsy, silk is very easy to take care of and women’s silk scarves and shawls need nothing more than a gentle hand wash to keep them in tip-top condition.

7. The combined qualities of the fabric give women’s hand painted silk scarves and shawls an overwhelming feel and appearance of class, luxury and style which simply no other material can compete with.


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Women love accessories. Shoes, bags, hats, belts and scarves, not only are they all beautiful in their own right, but they can totally transform our look, add a touch of individualism or even quirkiness and inject interest into an otherwise ordinary outfit. They can lift a whole ensemble with an injection of color. More so than any of the other of today’s much-loved accessories though, women’s scarves have a truly delightful versatility which makes them a must-have for any lady’s closet.

Most of us have probably owned women’s scarves in the past, or even have a collection in our closet now. We wear them around our necks, waists and hips to create stunning effects, and we might even wear them to create an empire line on a simple dress. We even wear them in our hair as decoration or as practical accessories to keep the sun from doing any damage to color and highlight treatments or to stop it from drying it out and turning it brittle. Rarely do we think about using them to accessorize our accessories though.

Much to the amusement of the men in our lives, us ladies rarely go anywhere without a trusty handbag, often containing what appears to be everything but the kitchen sink. As well as being so practical though, the sizes, shapes, styles and colors that we select say much about who we are, although often our choice is limited in a financial sense to what we can afford. A handbag, however, is a prime example of an accessory which can be given a whole new lease of life with the use of a unique and fabulous scarf to transform it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Open up your closet and look at your collection, not only of regular handbags that you use for work and shopping at the mall, but your evening bags and beach bags too. Do they have any detail such as loops or rings where you could thread a stunning silk scarf of a coordinating color to create a really individual look? If not, then simply loop a gorgeous women’s silk scarf around where the handle meets the main part of the bag and let it drape and flow. The effect is intensely feminine and will lift any bag out of the doldrums.

Women tend either to be hat people or not – there usually is no in-between where hats are concerned. If you are a hat person though, and you want to give yours a complete but instant facelift, then again, a fabulous silk scarf is the way to do it. Take a floppy beach hat or even a chic one that you want to wear to a wedding, and try tying a long silk scarf above the brim to change the look entirely. You can either wrap it around and around until all the fabric has been used up and tuck in the ends, or simply wrap it once, tie in a knot and leave the ends of the scarf to trail behind you. Either way, you will feel as though you are wearing a brand new piece of headgear.


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No matter what their age, shape or size, there are few women who are entirely satisfied with every aspect of their figure. For some it might be an extra few unwanted inches around the waist or hips that are the cause for concern, while for others it might be the unsightliness of flabby upper arms or bulging tummy fat. Particularly for those ladies whose weight and size tends to fluctuate regularly, investing in a whole new wardrobe each time their body changes would be impossible, but at times when weight is on the increase, their existing items of clothing can start to show all of those bulges that they would rather keep hidden.

With all the pressure on women these days to conform to some impossible stick thin body image, it is hardly surprising that we want to cover up any evidence of being less than perfect, but dressing in clothes which make us look as though we are wearing a tent of course does nothing for our self-esteem. Putting on a few pounds, however, does not mean that we have to give up on style and elegance, and one very inexpensive, practical and extremely attractive solution is to use fabulous silk scarves and shawls to hide those little imperfections.

Sumptuous hand painted silk scarves and hand-dyed shawls actually work in two quite separate ways to detract attention from those parts of the body that we would really rather not make a feature of. For one thing, the huge number of ways that they can be tied and worn on different parts of the body means that they can be used to cover up imperfections or to deceive the eye into thinking that we are an entirely different shape. In addition, however, the very beauty of the accessories themselves acts superbly in taking the focus off our shape and placing it firmly on the scarf or shawl itself.

Flabby upper arms, upper back and underarm areas are, of course, some of the easiest to hide with a scarf or shawl and you do not need much creativity to be able to do this effectively and elegantly. Whether you simply drape it over the shoulders and arms or throw one corner back over the opposite shoulder, no-one will be any the wiser as to those little bulges underneath. To disguise a larger waist or hips, meanwhile, a long shawl is ideal, but do make sure that it is long enough because anything which stops short will only accentuate the problem.

With their stunning hand crafted designs, whole palette of colors which takes in everything from the bold and the beautiful to the dreamy pastels and exquisite silk fabric, women’s silk scarves and shawls are an excellent way to let your accessory, rather than your imperfections, steal the show. As the fabric is soft and will not cling, there will be no sign of any of those parts that you would rather keep under wraps.


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When it comes to choosing your fabulous hand painted silk scarf or hand dyed shawl, obviously you are going to want to select the one which is going to be most flattering in every respect. While the gorgeous, floating silk fabric looks stunning on women of all different shapes and sizes and the versatility of these wonderful creations means that you can wear them in whichever way best suits your shape and style, the color though, must be just right for your skin tone for your silk scarf or shawl to have maximum effect.

Although some women like to visit a color specialist to find out which shades work particularly well with their skin tone, there are some very simple guidelines that you can follow which do not involve having to pay for this service, and basically these revolve around the four seasons of the year. Simply examine your complexion in the mirror and decide which of the seasons most accurately describes yours.

Winter Complexions

Women who have winter complexions have hair which is at either end of the color spectrum. While some have very dark brown or black hair, others are platinum blonde. Their complexions are considered to be a cool tone with a tinge of pink or blue, and their skin might be pale to porcelain white, a yellowish-olive color or dark. Generally there is a stark contrast between the color of their hair, eyes and skin.

Winter people should look for silk scarves and shawls which feature strong, vibrant colors such as red, hot pink, black and navy blue, while beige, orange and gold should all be avoided.

Summer Complexions

Summer people have pale, pink skin and they are often natural blondes or brunettes with light-colored eyes. Again, they have the same pink or blue undertones to their skin but, unlike those with winter complexions, there is usually very little contrast between the color of their hair and eyes and the shade of their skin.

The colors which work best for people with summer complexions are the pastels. Baby blue, dusky pink, pale lemon, mauve and lavender are all excellent choices, but bold colors should be avoided as these have the tendency to make the wearer look washed out.

Fall Complexions

Of course, fall is always associated with rich, warm colors and those with a fall complexion have golden undertones to their skin, which might be pale peach, golden beige or golden brown in color. Usually they have red or brunette-colored hair and rich, earthy colors tend to suit them best.

Orange, gold, dark brown, beige, olive or even a rich, warm grey all work well for fall people, but pastels, blues, black and white are not at all flattering.

Spring Complexions

Along with fall complexions, spring complexions are also warm. The skin, which is pale ivory in color, has creamy white or peach undertones and people with this type of complexion normally have golden blonde, strawberry blonde or auburn hair and light blue or green eyes.

Spring people benefit from being able to wear a great range of different shades from ivory, peach, coral and golden yellow or golden brown, to aqua, bright green, clear blue and true red.

So, before choosing your fabulous handmade scarf or shawl, check out your skin tone so that you can select what works best for you and make a truly, stunning personal statement.

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Although there are numerous ways to wear a silk scarf around the neck, some styles work better for certain occasions than they do for others. Tie it one way and it will look more casual, another and it will give you an air of smart professionalism, and another way still and it will look stunning with an elegant evening gown.

Of course, before deciding on how you would like to wear your silk scarf, you need to choose one which is appropriate for the occasion. Although they do come in many different shapes and sizes, the longer ones tend to look much more elegant and sophisticated for evening functions such as cocktail parties, visits to the opera or theater, charity benefits and so on. For a look of real class, the handmade examples which feature unique designs and are painted by hand using special silk dyes are far superior, and of course help you to avoid the potential embarrassment of bumping into someone else who is wearing the same thing. In addition, the 100% silk fabric which is used to produce these stunning accessories drapes and floats in a way which is unmistakable, so everyone will know that you are wearing the very best quality.

The very simplest way to wear a long silk scarf with evening attire is simply to drape it around the back of the neck so that the two free ends hang down the front of the body. Alternatively, you could either loop the length of the scarf once around the neck so that the ends hang to the front or, for an extremely elegant look, do the same thing but have the two lengths of fabric reaching down your back. The latter method looks particularly striking with dresses which are cut low at the back, but either method works especially well for women who want to hide any wrinkling on the neck or even unsightly birth marks or scars. Two other very simple methods of wearing a long scarf involve draping the fabric across the back of the neck so that the ends fall to the front of the body, and then either tossing one end across the opposite shoulder completely so that the fabric sits closely against the front of the neck, or leaving the crossed end lying on the opposite shoulder.

For a very sophisticated look which works extremely well for those with long elegant necks, a rosette is an excellent choice. Simply hang a long silk scarf around the back of the neck, allowing the two ends to fall to the front of the body. Twist one end of the fabric over the other again and again to create a rope-like effect, and continue doing this until the fabric starts to double back on itself and moves close up against the neck, sitting slightly off center. When all the fabric has been used up, simply tuck the free ends into the back of the rosette that you have created so that they are not on show.


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Hand painted silk scarves and hand dyed shawls are some of the most stunning and versatile accessories to find a place in any woman’s closet. Perfect for bringing that touch of class and elegance to day wear or evening wear, these magnificent pieces are created with all the loving care and attention of talented artists who use a whole palette of colors in their designs. With so many gorgeous ones to choose from though, what is the best way to go about selecting the right color so that your woman’s scarf or shawl gets maximum use?

Do an Inventory of Your Closet

One of the quickest and easiest ways to decide on the predominant color for your handmade scarf or shawl is simply to do an inventory of what is already in your closet. If you open the doors and are faced with a sea of black or white, then finding the perfect accessory to match your existing outfits could not be simpler, because of course almost any color (with the exception of brown and navy blue with black) will either match or contrast superbly with either of these. Strong colors such as reds and oranges make a superb statement against black, while pastels work very well to create a softer look against white, especially for those special summer outfits.

Even if your wardrobe is dominated by any other color though, the range of dyes which is used in the production of handmade scarves and shawls is so wide that finding a matching or contrasting shade is very straightforward. Unlike the mass-produced alternatives which typically come in a very limited choice of colors, the handmade examples incorporate more unusual hues which makes color-matching much easier.

Consider Your Accessories

As well as considering the colors of the outfits in your closet, another thing to do is to check out your collection of accessories. Matching the dominant or background color of your silk scarf or shawl with bags, shoes and belts makes for a really classy, coordinated look in which everything holds together well.

Check Out Your Jewelry

Perhaps you have some favorite pieces of jewelry which you like to wear often, in which case you could match the accent color of your scarf or shawl to this. Depending on how you choose to wear your accessory, longer necklaces may, of course, be partially hidden, but matching it to shorter necklaces, ear-rings and bracelets gives a very flattering look.

Take Account of Your Hair Color

When you look in your closet, you will probably find that most of your outfits have been chosen, although maybe not consciously, with your hair color in mind. Pale pink, baby blue and turquoise all look stunning on women with blonde hair, while mauve and purple work particularly well on red-heads. The stronger, bolder colors, meanwhile, tend to look better on those with dark brown or black hair.

With so many beautiful shades to choose from, finding a gorgeous hand painted scarf or handmade shawl to suit your own style, taste and coloring really could not be easier.


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Trying to pack for a holiday can be a complete nightmare. Unless you are prepared to pay the increasingly expensive cost of excess baggage allowance, there never seems to be enough space in a single suitcase to fit all of your new holiday outfits and still cover all of your bases weather-wise. With a few beautiful hand dyed scarves and one or two silk shawls, however, it is possible to take something for every occasion and still have plenty of room to spare.

Being as light as a feather, silk is the perfect fabric for taking on holiday as it adds next to nothing to the weight of your suitcase. Folded flat, your scarves and shawls can be placed in between other layers of clothes and, because the fabric is so fine, you would barely even know that they were there. Alternatively, you could roll them gently and place them in the corners of your case or tuck them down the sides. When you get to your destination, simply take them out and hang them up, and all but the most stubborn of creases will just fall out naturally or, better still, hang them in the bathroom when you take a shower and let the steam do all the work.

Daytime or nighttime, silk scarves and shawls are the perfect accessories when you are on holiday, no matter where you plan on going. Wrapped around the waist or worn across the whole body as a sarong, they are ideal for those times when you are walking to and from the beach or need to cover up slightly when you nip into a beachside bistro for lunch or take a browse around the nearby shops. Being both light and airy, they keep you wonderfully cool while still providing a look of elegance and luxury. With their stunning array of colors, they make even the plainest bikini or swimsuit look really special. Keep one handy in your bag when you are out on day trips and you won’t ever get caught out if you need to cover your head or shoulders when visiting churches, temples or monasteries either.

For evening wear, silk scarves can spice up any outfit and be worn in numerous different ways depending on whether you are going for a quiet meal in a plush restaurant or a night on the town. One of the greatest beauties of some hand painted scarves, however, is that they have different designs on each side, so that you can achieve two entirely different looks without having to try and cram more into your suitcase.

Even in the hottest countries the evenings can sometimes feel cool, and this is when a stunning hand dyed shawl really comes into its own. Whether you are going for the essence of sophistication or the high fashion look, your shawl will offer warmth at the same time as making a stunning personal statement.

Lightweight, easy to pack and extremely versatile, silk scarves and shawls are just the ultimate holiday accessory.

Julia- Ann.

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Shopping can sometimes be the best of times for women. We love the scent of a store and the set up of the racks. And the alluring of the manikins will sometimes have the sexiest scarves or shirts or jeans yet we can’t find them anywhere in the store till we’re at the cashier with an armful of things ready to leave. But we love it, so it can be hard to choose the perfect item when you’re bombarded with the idea of all the different stores to go to and all the different sites to visit on the internet. It can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes we purchase what we think is great yet a week or so later we see the exact same thing for a better deal or our worst fear we find it somewhere else cheaper. Not only do we get mad but we wonder why didn’t we see this last week or just an hour ago instead of the little boutique that told me I can only exchange and not get my money back. Yes indeed ladies it can be difficult but there are some tips that can help us not only look for better bargains but also choose the perfect garment to go with our outfits.

Silk printed handmade shawls can be the highlight of an outfit and because they are very versatile garments it easy to mix and pair them off with different jeans, skirts, shirts and dresses. One of the first things we think about when we see an item of clothing or a pair of shoes we are considering is “what can I wear this with?” We then go through a complete and sometimes detailed slide show of a closet including our accessories and how they can be used with them. And sometimes we come up with great ideas but with a shawl it’s near impossible to not find something that you will have in your closet to go with it. If you are the relaxed home body person you should choose sensual shawls that have less prints and designs and has more of a solid color. This can also be done for those who want to go out but if not have a handmade silk printed scarf only elaborates more on your outfit. A nice printed silk shawl can be paired off with a nice jean skirt or even pants and a fitted white t-shirt and it would make the plain expression of jeans and a t-shirt go out the window. To find a good quality yet a sensual shawl you can wear over and over again you can view womensclothingtoday.com.

You want your outfit not only to say “I got my money’s worth,” but you want it to have a piece of you and your personality. Wearing a silk handmade scarf can not only create a sensual feeling but it makes you feel that you’ve gotten you money’s worth especially if you can pair it off with almost anything in your closet. We would consider it almost as an investment. We can use this silk hand printed shawl not only to look good but sometimes it can attract the right person whether it be a potential mate or a client for you. The person could be interested in your sensual printed shawl at first but become a close ally.

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