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Casual and workday attire may be inexpensive and cheerful, yet, when it comes to those special evenings out, this simply will not do. While shelling out more pending money for these outfits may seem to be the answer, we still run the risk of turning up in an identical outfit someone else is wearing. Designer garments are not a fool proof method of avoiding the clone syndrome.

You can make a strongly individualistic statement while showing off your style, elegance and grace without spending tons of money on a supposedly original gown. Simply take an inexpensive outfit and team it with a truly unique women’s silk scarf or shawl. This is relatively simple if you avoid those mass-produced accessories found in retail outlets or even the printed limited repetitive printed patterns of designer scarves. Instead look to online suppliers with their seemingly endless supply of individually-designed artist-fashioned accessories. These truly unique items have no double anywhere.

One advantage of silk scarves and shawls is the variety of size and shape. You can purchase some truly amazing, rare examples come in larger sizes. You can use them as cover-ups. They can conceal the less expensive dress beneath. What someone sees instead is the magnificent beauty of the luxurious silk shawl or scarf. Even if someone appears in an identical gown, no one will remark or even notice. Your shawl or scarf will draw all eyes.

While in the past, silk was very expensive and exclusively worn by the well-to-do, this is no longer the case. Easier transportation and the opening of large markets have decreased the overall price of this opulent and expensive material.  You can now purchase an exclusive, unique, 100% pure silk scarf or shawl for less than or equal to that of a designer’s accessory.

The quality and the uniqueness of hand-painted silk scarves and shawls lie in the centuries-old process. They are not mass-produced, thereby avoiding the trap of repetition, running or fading colors schemes and poor quality. If you desire high quality and proper draping, do not purchase designer or mass-produced items. These printed accessories quickly lose their flow, softness and shape quickly. Their colors fade, leaving them lifeless. Hand-painted and hand died silk scarves and shawls suffer from none of these problems. Their colors remain vibrant longer. They retain their softness and drape beautifully. If you want to avoid the cost and complications of possible duplication while making a very vibrant statement of style and individuality, do not spend a small fortune on a designer evening gown. Instead, invest in a remarkable silk scarf or shawl.


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