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Luxurious Silk ScarfSilk scarves might have been the mark of luxury for centuries, but if it’s ever crossed your mind that there’s something slightly outdated about them, then think again.  Today’s fabulous designs and stunning colors make them some of the most fashionable accessories that a woman can own.

From the modern day fashion icons who grace some of the world’s most famous catwalks to the stars of screen and stage, young women everywhere have discovered the secret of the style and versatility of sumptuous silk scarves.  Unlike the traditional head squares which were the staple of women’s wardrobes years ago though, the silk scarves which have become such a favorite of the young women of today are vibrant, fun items which make high fashion statements and let their wearers stand out as the individuals that they are.

For today’s discerning buyers, making the ultimate fashion statement isn’t just about wearing what everyone else is wearing during any given season.  It’s about putting your own distinctive twist on the latest fashions to make them your own.  This is just one of the reasons why so many young women are choosing handmade silk scarves to add to their collections, because every one of these gorgeous accessories is an entirely unique work of wearable art.  Not only this, however, but with so many exciting ways to wear silk scarves, you can create a totally new look every time you put them on.

For daytime wear, some of the most fashionable designs of silk scarves are also some of the simplest.  Bright rainbow stripes and checkered patterns in a variety of different colors are perfect for keeping out the cold, as well as for adding a stylish and modern twist to an outfit.  When worn with plain office attire or casual outfits, stripes and checks provide added interest without making an ensemble look overly fussy.

Of course, for those fabulous evenings out on the town, silk scarves which carry modern abstract designs are just perfect.  Bold geometric designs in vibrant colors give an incomparable look of pizzazz and, with hand painted silk scarves, there is no need to worry about bumping into someone else who is wearing the same thing, or about being upstaged by an outfit which is more luxurious or stylish.

Creating a high fashion look doesn’t have to mean choosing from the collections of repeat styles and patterns which are available in the department stores or looking like a clone.  With fabulous hand painted silk scarves, you can achieve a wonderfully modern look which is all your own.

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With money shortages throughout, we can’t constantly keep purchasing clothing when we feel like it. Even for those of us that are shopaholics looking for a good bargain but you can go to school and the work place with a few healthy wardrobe tips that will cost you almost nothing. You don’t have to buy all the designer bags and shoes to be gorgeous or feel it. The women we see on shows such as the Desperate House Wives, Sex and the City, True Blood and more have looks that we ourselves can achieve without coming out of your pockets and regretting the dent in our bank accounts. And you’ll be surprised at how many other celebrities are good and saving money and shopping for less by using these same tips and not grow tiresome of their wardrobe.

  1. Accessories. Whenever you have extra change buy a necklace or two. Buy costume jewelry gold or silver looking so that you can pair it off with anything that you wear. Each time it will add spice.
  2. Make your own Jewelry. Places like Wal-mart and Target have specific sections where you can find stringing and jewelry making sets where you can create your own costume jewelry.
  3. Dresses to Shirts. It’s a project but one you’ll love to keep doing. Old dresses and frilly dresses that you can’t part with you can turn into shirts and skirt set with a simple use of sewing machine or even a needle an thread.
  4. Purchase Silk scarves. This material is not expensive. At WomenClothingToday.com you can find bargain prices as well as cool and unique ways to tie them.
  5. Hand painted silk shawls. Just like silk scarves they aren’t only used for luxurious occasions but for every day wear and even seasons. Having a hand painted silk shawl or scarf allows versatility within your wardrobe that you can continue do making each outfit look brand new.
  6. Nail polish. Nail polish makes a huge difference. They can be sold as low as a dollar,  china glaze or OPI are great brands. Invest in one or two or month spending $10 tops. You nail collection will grow. Try to choose colorful polishes that aren’t all neutral. This way your nails pop.
  7. Try different eye shadows. Your eye shadow color can make a huge difference just as nail color especially for the color is a contrast to what you are wearing. Cosmetic change up can make a huge difference in even what you wear.
  8. Jazz up old white canvas shoes. You can add glitter that can be purchased at Wal-Mart or Target or even rein stones that can be placed them. Dye your shoe a different color or even tie dye so that it can go with numerous of your outfits. Colors such as white, blue and orange and yellow will look good with most jeans and blouses.
  9. Purchase decorative sandals. Department stores sell sandals for great prices.
  10. Belts. Purchase a belt or two at departments stores as well. Brown and black or neutral colors that you can always buy for versatility but also try different colors.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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