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Men, of course, don’t have the monopoly on the tailored look and the wearing of suits. For decades, women’s suits have featured strongly on the fashion scene, especially for business wear, and somehow there is still nothing to rival the crisp and stylish look of a professional woman in a smart skirt or pant suit.

In some professions, suits are required to be worn as a uniform, such as is the case for members of air cabin crews.  In other lines of work they are the outfit of choice, often because of the fact that they demand that their wearers be taken seriously for the professionals that they are.  In addition, the combined sharpness of the style and the fabric provides an overall  impression of being incredibly well-groomed and chic.

Although light-colored suits are ideal for semi-formal wear, when it comes to the workplace it is typically the darker colors such as black, charcoal grey and navy blue which are considered most appropriate.  For many women, however, while the elegance of these shades makes them wonderful to wear, the colors themselves can begin to feel rather mundane when worn every day.  What is needed, therefore, is just a touch of color to add that extra little bit of interest, and this is something which can be achieved through the use of accessories.

Of course, whatever accessory you choose to team up with a stunningly smart business suit must itself be of the highest quality, otherwise the whole outfit will lose some of its appeal.  This is why women’s silk scarves, and particularly hand painted silk scarves, make some of the very best choices.  Not only is the 100% pure silk a perfect match with the fine fabric of the suit in terms of quality, but the uniqueness of the glorious hand painted designs set them apart as something truly special.

Hand painted silk scarves are produced using an age-old technique which makes it virtually impossible to reproduce the same design.  This means that the wearers of these women’s scarves are guaranteed a look of total individuality and inimitable style, even if the styles of their suits are fairly standard.  Also, the softness and delicacy of the fabric lends a touch of femininity to what could otherwise be quite a masculine look.

Worn around the neck or shoulders, silk scarves add glamour, sophistication and that all-important touch of color to smart tailored suits, so why not check out the gorgeous range of hand painted silk scarves which can be found online at specialist suppliers?

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As you prepare for an interview it can be off putting not to know what to wear. Whether your want to look professional or semi casual. It can be mind boggling. You want to make a statement but you don’t want to look to bold and fancy for your interviewer. Nothing says I want the job by wearing your highest heels and a crazy up-do. There are some techniques that can keep you look professional with your business attire. You want your personality to show but not too much. You want the interviewer to see your professional side as well as your ability to dress for any occasion. And with business attire you can never go wrong with sweet yet simplistic hand painted silk scarf.

Scarves may sound like a bit too much but pairing them off with a nice pair of pearl or studded earrings you can create a sense of individuality. It’s always important to dress the part. And your future employers will sometime tell you how to dress while others will assume you know to come in business attire. But there are companies that require employees to come to interviews and work wearing casual attire. Jeans and t-shirt has definitely come a long way and now within the present day so have silk scarves.

When putting together a pants suit or a skirt suit. Tying a hand painted silk scarf can do wonders. Not only is it eye catching but your interviewer can tell that you’re not afraid to express yourself with accessories. Sometimes that silk scarf about your neck can be like a necklace that won’t come off and sometimes it can evoke any feeling you wish it to. Another way to express your silk scarf is to tie it around your head as a hair band. If your silk scarf is a plain color, all the more reason to wear it while inviting it into your matching outfit for the interview. But be sure not to mix and match your colors. Bold colors can be exquisite but they also can say the wrong this such as going to a beach party instead of an interview. Make sure that if it is a painted silk with a pattern that is exotic that it pairs off well with the rest of your interview attire. Say you’re wearing a cream skirt suit with a white and blue pin striped shirt. Wearing a vanilla colored flower painted silk shawl would match perfectly tied about your neck. It isn’t a turn off and yet it adds flare and personality to the attire. Not only can you wear silk scarves with your business attire but it can be worn with your casual attire as well in the same exact way. To find more ways to tie or wear you silk scarf go to womenclothingtoday.com where you can see more luxurious silk and ways to update your interview attire as well as your casual apparel.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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