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What is it about hand painted silk scarves that is so enigmatic and elegant? It is the array of colours brought together in unison to create a painting that eludes the beauty of nature and warmth on silk. Silk in itself can be quite appealing, and when a painting is created on silk scarves by top artists, it complements a woman’s skin tone, attire, and overall personality. Silk scarves with handmade paintings are unique Christmas gifts for women and can be worn on any occasion, including Thanksgiving and New Orleans Mardi Gras.

One of the salient highlights of hand painted silk scarves for women is that there are a variety of paintings and colours to choose from to complement a particular skin tone. It is a known fact that silk enhances skin tone and adds to the personality of a woman. Silk scarves, on the other hand, play the role of an accessory that adds the flavour of subtleness to the skin tone. The range of pastel colours painted on the scarves makes it easier to choose the right one for a particular skin tone.

Skin tones can be segregated into three different categories, including:

Warm tones: Women with warmer skin tones need crisp or muted colours with translucent undertones of gold. The natural earth colours are the best suited, although some of the other choices can range from burnt orange to celery green, warm taupe, oyster white, bronze, and jade, among others. Hand painted silk scarves with paintings of the fortune bird or sunflowers with tones of burnt orange, bright yellow, muted green or jade will not only complement the skin tone, but also enhance the personality of the wearer.

Cool tone: Women with cool skin tones need a mix of vivid colours and softer pastels. Silk scarves with undertones of red and overtones of blue complement cool skin tones. Some of the other colours include icy or emerald green, lemon yellow, sapphire, ruby, and aquatic green or blue among others. Hand painted silk scarves with paintings like a sea motif, having generous sprinkling of blue or abstract art with burgundy or muted red as the base colour  are perfect for women with cool skin tones.

Neutral tone: Women with neutral skin tones can choose art forms enhanced by a huge range of colours  Hand painted silk scarves for neutral tones can be an overtone of orange and yellow or undertone of blue and sea green.

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