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While summer might not at first appear to be the most obvious time to be thinking about scarves, in fact in many ways it is the perfect season for putting fabulous hand painted silk scarves to work. These gorgeous wearable works of art with their intense colors and exquisite unique designs can be put to great use in all kinds of different summer situations, and here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Hot, sunny days

Wearing a silk scarf on a hot, sunny day might seem rather counter-intuitive, especially when you bear in mind how warm the fabric can be in the wintertime. This fabric, however, has some truly amazing properties in relation to temperature and also works wonderfully well to keep you cool. This is not the main reason for wearing a silk scarf on your head in the heat of summer though, but rather for the protective shade that if offers to both head and hair. If you prefer to wear a hat, you could even tie your fabulous silk scarf around the brim to give it an instant facelift and a really elegant appeal.

Windy days or summer drives

Even during the height of summer, the weather can still come up with a few surprises and the odd windy day can just blow up out of nowhere. Particularly for women with long, fine hair, wind can be a nightmare as it fills the hair with static and leaves it clinging embarrassingly to your face. Use a stunning hand dyed scarf to cover your lovely locks when wind threatens to do its worst and everyone will think you are making a spectacular fashion statement rather than carrying out an exercise in damage control. Also, if you are planning on taking a summer drive in an open-topped car, why not go for the Grace Kelly look and protect your hair from sun and wind damage too?

Cool summer evenings

Summer evenings are times when it is easy to get caught out. The heat of the day gives a false sense of security when we are getting ready to go out for the evening and sometimes we can get caught unawares when temperatures start to drop. Take along your lovely silk scarf though, and not only can you use it to cover your head, but of course you can wrap it around your neck or shoulders too to keep you cozy.

On damp days and evenings

As anyone will know who has naturally wavy or curly hair, damp weather can cause havoc in one of two particular ways. If you have left it natural to show off all of those gorgeous curls, then the slightest bit of damp can turn it into a frizzy mess. If, on the other hand, you have spent ages with the straighteners turning it into a sleek, glossy style, it does not have to actually rain for the curls to reappear, and just a damp atmosphere will have precisely the same effect. Again, cover up with a silk scarf before you set foot outside and you will be able to limit the effects of the weather.

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