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The way you dress up creates an impression even before you speak a word. Where crisp, business outfits play a dominating role in creating a professional look, your accessories can either make or break that look.

businessLess is more– Never over-do the look with a jumble of accessories. Stick to a small pendant or tear drop earrings instead of big hoops. Also, if you plan to wear a waist-enhancing belt over your suit or dress, make sure it is not flashy and overly large. The clients or colleagues should take in your appearance as a whole and not focus on a loud piece of accessory first. Avoid accessories, especially jewellery that clink and clatter, as it makes you look unorganized and not in control. Go for pearl over silver or brass, pearl also has an elegant touch to it.

Wear proper shoes- Shoes say a lot about you, and whether you are dressed in trousers or skirt, getting the right pair is essential. Steer clear of anything that has a casual appeal; sandals, knee-high boots, or sequenced shoes are oh so wrong. A pair of solid pumps is an ideal choice, but if you are partial to flats, try going for ballet flat in black.

Keep the handbags simple- Whether you want to mix-and-match with your attire, or bring in a contrast, your handbag should be nothing flashy. Stick to the basic brown, beige, or black and make sure it is multi-functional so that you don’t need to carry stuff in your hand.

business-2Scarf it up- Scarves help to break the monotone of an office outfit, but without becoming too overbearing. Go for simpler patterns and avoid the flashy ones. Silk scarves are a better option as they have a rich feel to them and instantly add a touch of opulence to your attire. Keep in mind that silk scarves are also great for those who have metal allergy and have to stay away from basic jewelry.

Impress the olfactory senses- Not a lot of people pay attention to their choice of perfume or cologne while preparing for business meetings. Go for musk over floral tones. Also, do not bathe in perfume if you don’t want to suffocate your prospective business partners or clients.

A quick tip from WomenClothingToday- Never fidget or play with your accessories, if you are one to do so, lightly clamp your hands together and keep it on your lap.

To your success!


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Fashion accessories help you enhance your style statement and silk scarves for women are great ways to add that dash of zing to your statement. We all want to look good and stock up on clothes and accessories that make us look attractive. When we look attractive, it makes us feel good and also boosts our confidence. While selecting what clothes to wear and the kind of accessories to go with it, we need to be aware of the recent trends and fashion mantra. Now silk scarves are items that never go out of fashion. Be it the classic Hollywood look or a funky look, you can always use them to your advantage. The best part is they can go with any kind of dress, occasion, and look.

Handmade silk scarves are even better as they add that extra unique value to your wardrobe. They are made in distinctive pieces for unique individuals with an eclectic taste for fashion. When it is hand painted, it is easier to give it a touch that is unique, classy, and tailor made. These days’ handmade silk scarves for women are available in a plethora of colors, designs, patterns, and add-ons. Go for a non-nonsense geometric pattern to go well with corporate look or an elaborate classic floral pattern for a cocktail evening. Have vivid colors adorning your neck on a fun day out with your girl friends. You will also get scarves that have beads woven into tassels in wild colors for a gypsy look. One gorgeous looking scarf can help you make your plain black dress look amazing by breaking the monotony.

Handmade silk scarves can be worn in very many ways. You could use it as your head scar by covering your head with a shiny classy scarf to get the classic look of yesteryear, or wear it as a shawl. Use it to tie your hair up in a pony tail and let it hang around your collar for that carefree yet refined look, tied it around your waist in style as a belt, the possibilities are immense.

Women silk scarves also make great gift items for your girl friends, your mom, sister, or grandma. With Christmas round the corner, you can’t go wrong if you give them silk scarves that go well with their age and personal style statement. Handmade silk scarves are something every woman will treasure, cherish, and flaunt.

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They say that if you want to peep into the soul of an artist, check his art or work. Every great painter who has ever existed has left behind a legacy in the form of their paintings. Some paintings are intriguing while others offer a deep insight into the many moods of the painter. Every painting has a different perspective and highlights a particular emotion. This is exactly the reason why paintings seem to talk back at us when we look intently and deeply into them. There are times when you will find this voice calling out to you from within the painting. Of course, it is not the voice of the painting but the voice of your inner soul. That is how deep art and painting can touch you!

So when a friend asked me how she can feel the magic of art in her life, I asked her to check out hand painted silk scarves. Why hand painted scarves, she asked. First, these are high quality silk scarves that look good and feel good. Second, these scarves have been used as a canvas for subtle modern painting. It is a known fact that it is difficult to paint on silk fabric. So think about it? Think how painstakingly art-work has been created on each silk scarf. Think about the perspective of the painter, their emotions, their thought process, the sparks of creativity, and then think about the final product.

When you think of the artwork that has been so intricately painted on the silk scarves for women, you can almost visualize the entire range of emotions, right from happiness to melancholy. At the heart of the artwork on these scarves is the myriad hue of colours that brings the artwork to life. From sunset red to sunrise orange and from lime green to aqua blue, each color in the artwork has its own identity and melts into each other to form a singular piece. Whether it abstract art or projection of objects of still life like flowers, the colours blend into the artwork to make it stand out.

True creativity always wins! The hand painted silk scarves symbolize the triumph of creativity and that of human life. It is symbolic of the variety of emotions that women go through, right from their teenage life to their old age. These subtly painted silk scarves symbolize the coming of age of a woman! So if you are wondering what to gift your beloved this Christmas, go for hand painted silk scarves; she will adore you even more!


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Celebrating a promotion? Gift hand painted silk scarves! Surprised about hand painted scarves? In the age of digital printing and screen printing, hand painting delivers a different and more realistic punch to silk scarves. Nothing can ever get any more real than a painting. A painting reflects an artist’s mood, emotion, sensitivity, and perspective, which even digital printing of Picasso or Michelangelo cannot reproduce. Painting is an art, and when top artists lift their brush, they end up creating something truly beautiful and magical. That is exactly what hand painted silk scarves are all about!

Silk scarves for women have undergone a transformation over the years from representing solid colours to checkered designs and straight lines. Now, these silk scarves have truly evolved with meaningful paintings created on them painstakingly. The painted scarves for women can be worn for any occasion and bring out the best in a woman. Even though it is not classified under power dressing, yet handmade silk scarves have an aura around them that makes the wearer stand out. The paintings along with the subtle and bright colours give the silk scarves a personality that radiates emotions like exuberance.

Hand painted silk scarves for women can be worn at work or at an event or even in a very formal party. These scarves are meant to blend with the personality of the wearer and at the same time enhance their looks. Silk goes with silk! The beautifully painted silk scarves go very well with all types of clothes, especially with silk dresses. Some of the dresses or dressing style that it enhances include Belted Silk Dresses, evening gowns, evening gown coats, halter party dress, strapless dress, evening dress for party or prom, one shoulder mini cocktail dress, sleeveless dress, formal gowns or ball dress, Long evening dress for cocktail party, halter sleeveless cocktail dress, short prom gown, jackets for power dressing, woven blouse with straight collar or ruffled collar among others.

Hand painted silk scarves for women not only complement different dressing styles, but also the skin tone of the wearer. A stunning and bold cornflower design enthused with multiple shades of blue flatters a lighter skin tone, while bold orange colours enthused in an oriental painting can flatter light and dark skin tones. Painted silk scarves are unique gifts for women that have been created to celebrate the elegance of a woman along with the refined sublimity of modern art and paintings.

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When art is infused in all its vibrancy into the elegance of silk scarves, creative sparks ignite the personality. Silk scarves are not just useful accessories but have an alluring appeal that stands out of the crowd. When art or painting is infused into silk, it brings out the smooth and satin finish of silk. Imagine hand painted silk scarves for women enthused with exotic colours and displaying everything, from the modern and contemporary abstractness of art to stunningly sublime images of flowers in full bloom.

These silk scarves for women are handmade or hand painted using colour-fast dyes, with the end result being a free flowing satin smooth scarf that complements the essence and personality of the wearer. The salient aspect of these hand-painted silk scarves is that there is one for every personality and occasion. The artwork and pastel shades used are in contrast with each other. Subtle art is complemented with bright colours while bold art forms like butterflies are complimented with a subtle hue of pleasing colours in the background.

Taking Inspiration From Gustav Klimt

Some of the art used in silk scarves for women are inspired by the work of great artist Gustav Klimt. Famous for the decoration of Viennese Burgtheater, Gustav Klimt is also known for other works, including the Altars of Dionysos and Apollo, Cart of Thespis, specific scenes from the Shakespearean Globe Theater, and the Theater at Taormina. One of the greatest artists of naturalist painting, he is also famous for his fashionable portraitist painting and experimentation with the radical styles of Art Noveau.

One of the top and most common artwork in hand painted silk scarves is the abstract floral design, which again has been inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt. Painted using warm earthy tones against a subtle background of pale mauve and shades of blue and orange, the floral designs look strikingly beautiful. What better way to bring Gustav Klimt’s work back to life than through hand painting on silk scarves. So far, Gustav Klimt’s work has been hanging on the walls of palaces of art connoisseurs’ and museums, but now they can be worn as women scarves.

One of the salient aspects of the Gustav Klimt edition of hand painted silk scarves is that it is a unique gift for those who love art and painting. A perfect and exquisite gift for fans of Gustav Klimt’s work, these silk women scarves are truly personality enhancers.

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Luxurious Silk ScarfSilk scarves might have been the mark of luxury for centuries, but if it’s ever crossed your mind that there’s something slightly outdated about them, then think again.  Today’s fabulous designs and stunning colors make them some of the most fashionable accessories that a woman can own.

From the modern day fashion icons who grace some of the world’s most famous catwalks to the stars of screen and stage, young women everywhere have discovered the secret of the style and versatility of sumptuous silk scarves.  Unlike the traditional head squares which were the staple of women’s wardrobes years ago though, the silk scarves which have become such a favorite of the young women of today are vibrant, fun items which make high fashion statements and let their wearers stand out as the individuals that they are.

For today’s discerning buyers, making the ultimate fashion statement isn’t just about wearing what everyone else is wearing during any given season.  It’s about putting your own distinctive twist on the latest fashions to make them your own.  This is just one of the reasons why so many young women are choosing handmade silk scarves to add to their collections, because every one of these gorgeous accessories is an entirely unique work of wearable art.  Not only this, however, but with so many exciting ways to wear silk scarves, you can create a totally new look every time you put them on.

For daytime wear, some of the most fashionable designs of silk scarves are also some of the simplest.  Bright rainbow stripes and checkered patterns in a variety of different colors are perfect for keeping out the cold, as well as for adding a stylish and modern twist to an outfit.  When worn with plain office attire or casual outfits, stripes and checks provide added interest without making an ensemble look overly fussy.

Of course, for those fabulous evenings out on the town, silk scarves which carry modern abstract designs are just perfect.  Bold geometric designs in vibrant colors give an incomparable look of pizzazz and, with hand painted silk scarves, there is no need to worry about bumping into someone else who is wearing the same thing, or about being upstaged by an outfit which is more luxurious or stylish.

Creating a high fashion look doesn’t have to mean choosing from the collections of repeat styles and patterns which are available in the department stores or looking like a clone.  With fabulous hand painted silk scarves, you can achieve a wonderfully modern look which is all your own.

Interested in silk scarves and shawls or hand painted scarves?  Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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Okay so it’s freezing outside. Some places it’s snowing others there is rain and of course we see the sun but the warmth seems o so far away. And for those of you who have beaten the cold and are living some place warm and exotic, lucky you. But for those of us aren’t here we are left to fend for ourselves tackle some of these great holiday prices and keep warm.

This is the time where is there are sales and bargains being made and majority of them are good. But this is where are thinking caps come in. The price may be right but the quality may not be exactly what we have been looking for. So two stores are going to be featured in this piece where you can find great wear for the winter and be happy that your wallets won’t have a hefty dent in it.

Being a young adult and shopping in the mall can be overwhelming with all the different styles and even for parents and family members shopping for others at this time. But stores like or similar to Forever 21 just cannot be beaten. You can’t walk into this store and not find what your looking for. Now that the cold season is in you can find more than enough coats. Depending on the location that you go to you’ll find that there are numerous selections. The style that is in right now is the military style coat or the petite coat with the sleek button down look. You want the coat to be warm but also at the same time have a sense of style that can allow you to wear it with anything and everything. We typically go for neutral colors like black or white or a cream color but at forever 21 you can find coats ranging from purples, blues, reds, browns and grays. They’re priced as low as $15 so that you can purchase more than one. Even though its good to have that go to jacket you can come here and buy a couple that can be paired off with majority of your outfits and even go with you favorite color and still be warm. Another style and look that you can go for with the military button down look is looking for one that has a hood. Allow there are some that have the hoodie material you want to be able to have the heavy warm coat material as well. You can find coats like these for as low as $25 and the hoods are detachable allowing you to wear it at any time. But we don’t want just coats we need mittens, hats and other accessories which brings us to our next go to store.

Love Culture cannot go unloved due to its convenience in not only prices but also in all the things that you can find. Nice warm sweaters are here! Its surprising sometimes to find exactly what you are looking for and not be disappointed when you get home. You can find sweaters that look nice but the material may not look as warm as you think when you put it on. Navy blue sweaters, boots and many more accessories can be found here. You can still find great accessories like silk scarves at womenclothingtoday.com and even go to forever21.com or love culture.com to find great offers on accessories for the winter season as well.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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Women love accessories. Shoes, bags, hats, belts and scarves, not only are they all beautiful in their own right, but they can totally transform our look, add a touch of individualism or even quirkiness and inject interest into an otherwise ordinary outfit. They can lift a whole ensemble with an injection of color. More so than any of the other of today’s much-loved accessories though, women’s scarves have a truly delightful versatility which makes them a must-have for any lady’s closet.

Most of us have probably owned women’s scarves in the past, or even have a collection in our closet now. We wear them around our necks, waists and hips to create stunning effects, and we might even wear them to create an empire line on a simple dress. We even wear them in our hair as decoration or as practical accessories to keep the sun from doing any damage to color and highlight treatments or to stop it from drying it out and turning it brittle. Rarely do we think about using them to accessorize our accessories though.

Much to the amusement of the men in our lives, us ladies rarely go anywhere without a trusty handbag, often containing what appears to be everything but the kitchen sink. As well as being so practical though, the sizes, shapes, styles and colors that we select say much about who we are, although often our choice is limited in a financial sense to what we can afford. A handbag, however, is a prime example of an accessory which can be given a whole new lease of life with the use of a unique and fabulous scarf to transform it from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Open up your closet and look at your collection, not only of regular handbags that you use for work and shopping at the mall, but your evening bags and beach bags too. Do they have any detail such as loops or rings where you could thread a stunning silk scarf of a coordinating color to create a really individual look? If not, then simply loop a gorgeous women’s silk scarf around where the handle meets the main part of the bag and let it drape and flow. The effect is intensely feminine and will lift any bag out of the doldrums.

Women tend either to be hat people or not – there usually is no in-between where hats are concerned. If you are a hat person though, and you want to give yours a complete but instant facelift, then again, a fabulous silk scarf is the way to do it. Take a floppy beach hat or even a chic one that you want to wear to a wedding, and try tying a long silk scarf above the brim to change the look entirely. You can either wrap it around and around until all the fabric has been used up and tuck in the ends, or simply wrap it once, tie in a knot and leave the ends of the scarf to trail behind you. Either way, you will feel as though you are wearing a brand new piece of headgear.


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When you wake up and getting ready for school or work or wherever it is you’re going you think about what else to add to your assembly. Whether you get it ready the night before or your throw something on as quickly as possible so not to be late you think of what else to wear with your outfit. Sometimes we wear the simplest accessories, stud earrings, bracelets, hooped earrings, a couple of rings, a necklace, an anklet, and even belts. We can put our accessories in our minds and try to combine the perfect match sometimes we get it right other times…not so much. But we all know that one of the items that can make or break the outfit is the bag. And if you weren’t sure about this article now you are. Yes, there are other factors that can make or break your outfits such as the shoes, the other accessories your pick out such as the earrings or the necklace, the socks, and even the jeans. But sometimes the biggest and even the most eye catching piece is your bag.

In high school book bags can vary. You can have your off should bags that resemble purses or you can have back pack, roll back packs, and no those are not linked to just the “geeks” and you can have you massive computer bag. All varieties can be very sheik and classy. And just like your clothing the material your bag is made out of is very crucial to your outfit as well as the color and the little details that go into to it.

For the school place cotton and polyester bags are perfect if they get dirty it’s easy to put them in the wash on gentle cycle so that they can be cleaned or spot wash. Both fabrics are good with any design. When you have a cotton back pack all kinds of material can get meshed together and it can end it up being very messy. But with cotton material and depending on the color you can wear it with any outfit of your choosing. Bags that have a lot of pockets or designs can expand on your outfit. When wearing such, try not to over accessorize. Wear a shirt that doesn’t have too many patterns or dress and your bottoms can be any of your choosing. But one material that will always look spectacular is silk.

When pairing your outfit with a silk scarf or shawl you’ll find that majority of the fabric on bags will flow gracefully with your choice. Silk is a very versatile fabric and can be worn with jeans, polyester, rayon and something similar. It’s a compliment to the rest of accessories. If the silk shawl or scarf is bright with patterns you can have you bag matching or have the bag pick up a matching color within the pattern. Another tip with any scarf and not just any hand painted silk scarf, you can tie the scarf around the bags handle to give it more flare and add more to the bag. Silk embraces your choice of apparel and your bag illuminates your accessories. You can find silk bags at old navy or gap or target or Wal-Mart with similar long lasting fabric and you can find silk scarves and shawls and womenclothingtoday.com where you can also find exotic and new ways in which to wear them.

Myquisha Delbridge.

Interested in Silk Scarves and Shawls, or Hand-Painted Scarves? Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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