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With school in session and with everyone already bringing in their own new styles it doesn’t mean that all is lost and that fall fashion is completely over with. There are many and different ways to wear what you’ve got and show the world your originality. Even if you are a casual teen you don’t have to worry about looking as far as you think to get the looks that you see on television or in the movies. The newest and up and coming style is jeggings.

It’s been out for decades only 2011 and fashion as picked it out to be the new and upcoming fall and spring fashion to come. Jeggings worn by celebs like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Miranda Kerr show the cross between jeans and leggings. The jeggings add for great body and shape and allow most women to show off their curves even accentuate what they don’t have. Although some make think that jeggings are tight and some are too revealing jeggings make good for accessorizing and allowing you to have different ways to express it while wearing. With jeggings you have to be sure to pair them off with a shirt that isn’t so tight so not to look as if your wearing a divers suit, unless that is the look your going for. Since jeggings accentuate the curves the best way to go is to pair it off with a loose blouse or shirt that isn’t so fitting around the waist; this way not everything is so form fitting and able to throw off your whole outfit.  But one way to make your outfit an “it” factor or even something that doesn’t look too plain or something that is always worn is pairing your jeggings with a scarf.

Scarves can always create a new look for your outfit and allows you to make or create a new look each and every time you wear your scarves. A way that everyone always wears their scarves is by wrapping it around their neck and letting it hang but another good way is to let tie it into a tie formation or even tying it in your hair letting the loose ends fall down or you could even tie it so that the bunch is on one side. Womenclothingtoday.com display ways to tie your scarf and they also allow versatility. Also having a silk hand painted scarf allows you to wear jeans or even anything that you want with the colors within the hand painted silk to stand out. Scarves of any type is great to use for your outfits especially cotton frilled fabric that adds more decoration. But with silk you can wear it for anytime and it doesn’t have to be dressy occasions. Silk is a great and sensual fabric that should be used to feel comfortable and look your best.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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