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There are countless concerns as to how to eliminate crowded areas and expound on space. And you would be amazed as to how much space a little garment would take up. When you purchase scarves that are handmade its understandable to be cautious as to how to store them and how to keep them safe from dust or even collecting dirt from those dark places within in your closet. Eliminating the smallest of things can also make things more and more simpler and easier for you with knowing that your silk scarves are safe and your closet or drawer space has more room.
When storing a silk scarf you want to pay attention to the fabric. At WomenClothingToday.com you can see that the silk printed scarves are pure silk and handmade and would protection. But protecting your scarves are not hard at all in fact these simple steps would allow you to purchase more scarves that identical to Burberry and Herbs and Missoni shawls and scarves at WomenClothingToday.com.
The simplest and convenient tip is to hang a couple of your silk handmade scarves at a time on one have. This action not only allows you to protect your scarves but it also allows you to keep them from getting dust on them. Hang about 2-3 scarves on one hanger and allow it to stand alone, most notable near the shirts or dress shirts already hanging in your closet just as a man would ties. This method also keeps the wrinkles out of the silky hand dyes scarves and also allows them hang free without being snagged but a disrupted hook.
Another method that would set aside space for your closet is to purchase plastic round hanger that can be stuck to your wall by adhesive pads. This is useful in that its light and the pegs would on be used for the scarves, which are light and weightless. The hooks can be placed in the inside of you closet adjacent to your jackets or it can easily stick along side or even on you dresser if it’s placed inside of a closet. If you have smaller dresser and it’s not an armour then place the pegs higher up. This way it won’t get snagged by pets or other animals in the house. Another trick is to not level the pegs. As you place 1 peg place the other higher or slightly lower than this first one and repeat. This would create a side zig zag that would show an artsy part of your room.
Having a painted silk scarves anyone would want the best treatment ultimately for them. And these two methods are the most convenient and functional without having to purchase too much for too much. Closet space is essential to many women as well as the protection of their handmade silk scarves. Following these methods are not only cheap but they allow your silk hand dyed scarves to stay clean and away from dust and to steer clear from dropping to the floor or snagging.

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