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Like a heavenly gift, you’ve just received the call from your prince charming, asking you out for a date. You’ve been eagerly waiting for this day, and it’s finally here, and you want to look your best.  Here are a few dos and don’ts that you must absolutely maintain on your first date.

DOs and DON’Ts

17-1Most important thing to do –
BE YOU. Don’t try to be what you’re not. It is very easy for your date to see through and it will be a big put off for him.

Dress to the occasion – If it’s a lunch date, go for the blues, pinks, purples or greens. Your dress should be selected keeping in mind the colour trends and fashion trends. As usual, the black dress comes in handy on any occasion. With proper accessories, you can present yourself as a suave and sophisticated lady. Choose from among the red silk scarves, royal silk scarves or purple silk scarves to add to your personality. On Hundertwasser’s anniversary, why not try the large scarves designed by him. Black dress with the silken scarves makes you look elegant and confident about yourself. If you are worried about those love handles you recently developed after binging this holiday season, then relax! Animal scarves worn with the black dress have the capacity to conceal all those bulges, so you can look slim and sexy. Don’t go in for high heeled shoes if you are not used to wearing them. Your discomfort will be obvious. A strappy sandal looks equally dainty.

Learn to Listen –Talking too much and not listening to the other person can be a major irritation for the other person. Play it cool. Listen well and talk about your common interests.

Good behaviour – Be polite and nice under all circumstances. Even if you don’t like certain aspects, don’t turn aggressive. You have to understand that the other person might be equally nervous and some glitches on his part must be forgiven. Don’t be judgemental but be reasonable and practical in your expectations. Try and be in good humour and not too serious. Always drink in moderation and not out of your senses. Do remember to thank your date for giving you this wonderful time.

Finding your true love is one of the most enchanting gifts of life. Treasure it in your heart.

If you have a beloved and are looking for a surprise Christmas gift for her, choose from among the wide range of large scarves at Women Clothing Today.

Wishing you all the best,



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A visionary and a miraculous artist, Hundertwasser has been an inspiration for many, with his art work a unique blend of colours that any art lover would love to die for. Women Clothing Today has taken inspiration from the great artist and dedicated an entire collection to him that can compete successfully with any of the latest fashion trends.


WomenClothingToday Hundertwasser Collection

Hundertwasser has been widely popular for his unique style of painting and architecture, who used the power of his art to spread the message of importance of living in harmony with nature. The eccentric, self-advertising artist from Vienna is a symbolic figure for living a non-conformist life, who dedicated his individual creativity to raise awareness about environmental protection.

He was so much in love with artwork that he painted wherever he was – on the road, in the garden, at home, on a train, in a café or restaurants, or just anywhere – and had no studio. An eccentric painter, he would simply spread the canvas flat in front of him and start painting, rather than sketching on an easel.

Widely known as a self-determined alternative existence ambassador, Hundertwasser was a unique artist – different from painters of his times. His eccentricity reflected fairly well in his paintings, which were done in oil and with egg tempera, using different pains in a single painting. He would also use shiny lacquers and put each painting next to the other to see how each of them were distinct in colors and texture.

Women Clothing Today Honors Hundertwasser’s Art Work: An Entire Collection Dedicated to the Artist

He experimented with different techniques, loved painting on used wrapping papers, pieces of plywood, switchboard, and invented new painting techniques. At Women Clothing Today, on Hundertwasser’s anniversary, we have decided to pay homage to the great artist, who expressed his unruly artistic vision in pictorial art, philosophy, environmentalism, flags, postage stamps, and clothing, by dedicating an entire collection to his artwork, which uses bright colors and organic forms, setting new fashion trends.

Visit our distinct collection of hand painted silk scarves, using vibrant colors and bold designs, which characterize Hundertwasser’s art style. For Hundertwasser’s art lovers, there are no better Christmas gifts than these colorful silk scarves: red, blue, purple combined with yellow, green and pink! The gifts are sure to flatter your beloved and set new color trends in pure silk collections everywhere!

For any art and fashion lover, these handmade scarves are the best gifts!

Wishing you all the best!


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If you are getting heartily fed up of receiving the same old boring gifts every time your birthday or Christmas comes around, then it’s time to take action and start dropping a few hints about those gorgeous silk scarves that you’d really like.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the men in our lives, they’re not always the most imaginative creatures at those present-buying times of year, and sometimes even our female friends can be way off the mark when they choose the gifts to present us with.  What a pity though, for everyone to go around wasting their hard-earned cash on things that we don’t really want or have any use for when they could be spending it on a wonderful luxury item that’s going to be used time and time again.


Although it might be a bit rude to just blurt out to our friends and loved ones what we’d really like for a birthday or Christmas present, it doesn’t hurt to hint at the things that we really cherish in the hope that they will take notice.  Do be warned though, if you want the man in your life to sit up and take notice, don’t mention those sumptuous silk scarves and shawls while he’s watching sport on TV and do be prepared to have to mention them more than once if you want to drive the message home.

Of course, if you’re going to angle for one of the fabulous examples from the collections of silk scarves or shawls, you might as well aim for the best and mention the superb hand painted accessories which are available online.  Feel free to wax lyrical about the sumptuous 100% pure silk and the totally unique designs which are hand painted by talented artists to create these stunning works of wearable art.  Be sure to mention the prices too though, otherwise your loved ones are likely to think that these gorgeous accessories will be out of their financial reach and you’ll just end up with the same box of chocolates or bottle of perfume that you usually get.

Because silk scarves and shawls come in such a wide range of colors and patterns, it’s probably helpful if you indicate to your loved ones which colors and designs most appeal to you.  Just a general idea of a theme for the pattern will do fine and then you will still get a lovely surprise when your fabulous scarf or shawl with its one-off design arrives.

Don’t think of hinting about the gift that you’d like as being cheeky.  Think of it as doing your loved ones a favor.  After all, if they’re going to buy for you at all, it might just as well be something that you want!

Interested in silk scarves and shawls or hand painted scarves?  Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.




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