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Celebrating a promotion? Gift hand painted silk scarves! Surprised about hand painted scarves? In the age of digital printing and screen printing, hand painting delivers a different and more realistic punch to silk scarves. Nothing can ever get any more real than a painting. A painting reflects an artist’s mood, emotion, sensitivity, and perspective, which even digital printing of Picasso or Michelangelo cannot reproduce. Painting is an art, and when top artists lift their brush, they end up creating something truly beautiful and magical. That is exactly what hand painted silk scarves are all about!

Silk scarves for women have undergone a transformation over the years from representing solid colours to checkered designs and straight lines. Now, these silk scarves have truly evolved with meaningful paintings created on them painstakingly. The painted scarves for women can be worn for any occasion and bring out the best in a woman. Even though it is not classified under power dressing, yet handmade silk scarves have an aura around them that makes the wearer stand out. The paintings along with the subtle and bright colours give the silk scarves a personality that radiates emotions like exuberance.

Hand painted silk scarves for women can be worn at work or at an event or even in a very formal party. These scarves are meant to blend with the personality of the wearer and at the same time enhance their looks. Silk goes with silk! The beautifully painted silk scarves go very well with all types of clothes, especially with silk dresses. Some of the dresses or dressing style that it enhances include Belted Silk Dresses, evening gowns, evening gown coats, halter party dress, strapless dress, evening dress for party or prom, one shoulder mini cocktail dress, sleeveless dress, formal gowns or ball dress, Long evening dress for cocktail party, halter sleeveless cocktail dress, short prom gown, jackets for power dressing, woven blouse with straight collar or ruffled collar among others.

Hand painted silk scarves for women not only complement different dressing styles, but also the skin tone of the wearer. A stunning and bold cornflower design enthused with multiple shades of blue flatters a lighter skin tone, while bold orange colours enthused in an oriental painting can flatter light and dark skin tones. Painted silk scarves are unique gifts for women that have been created to celebrate the elegance of a woman along with the refined sublimity of modern art and paintings.


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Do you want to attract customers who appreciate one of a kind,  special products?

Our company emerged from the desire to share the beauty of art  with the whole world. We are known for our unique, quality  handmade silk garments as you won’t see anywhere else!


Additionally to our online store, where you can see our current silk garments collections, we can provide special services for your boutique:

  • We can create custom made silk garments hand painted, especially for you
  • You can choose to put your own tags on our silk products
  • No one else will have similar products like yours; all our garments are hand painted by the hands of artists on 100% natural silk
  • We respect your boutique/store territory and will not sell to your competitors
  • Our prices are reasonable
  • We have no minimum quantity for wholesale purchase

Contact us today at info@womenclothingtoday.com or call us at 1-800-275-3165.

Customer Satisfaction and Long Term Relationship are Our Highest Priorities!

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There’s nothing like the feeling to give back to your community. But with so many events and charity organizations out there, how can you attract more clients? What can you offer them special to distinguish your organization from others?

For many years, our community of artists have been created one of a kind, hand painted silk scarves which helped many organizations to raise thousands of dollars.

How We Do It:

  • You can choose either from our wide collections of handmade silk scarves or
  • You can ask us to create something special for your event. Our artists can create silk scarves especially for your event! You will be unique as no one else will have similar scarves like yours.
  • No minimum order is required. We only ask you to let us know from time your needs so we can create your scarves in time for your event. Our artists need time to produce your special silk scarves!

Additionally to silk scarves, which are a great start for your events, we also make silk blousessilk tunics and silk dresses.

For more details, contact us at info@womenclothingtoday.com or 1-800-275-3165 and we will be happy to assist you!

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If you are getting heartily fed up of receiving the same old boring gifts every time your birthday or Christmas comes around, then it’s time to take action and start dropping a few hints about those gorgeous silk scarves that you’d really like.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the men in our lives, they’re not always the most imaginative creatures at those present-buying times of year, and sometimes even our female friends can be way off the mark when they choose the gifts to present us with.  What a pity though, for everyone to go around wasting their hard-earned cash on things that we don’t really want or have any use for when they could be spending it on a wonderful luxury item that’s going to be used time and time again.


Although it might be a bit rude to just blurt out to our friends and loved ones what we’d really like for a birthday or Christmas present, it doesn’t hurt to hint at the things that we really cherish in the hope that they will take notice.  Do be warned though, if you want the man in your life to sit up and take notice, don’t mention those sumptuous silk scarves and shawls while he’s watching sport on TV and do be prepared to have to mention them more than once if you want to drive the message home.

Of course, if you’re going to angle for one of the fabulous examples from the collections of silk scarves or shawls, you might as well aim for the best and mention the superb hand painted accessories which are available online.  Feel free to wax lyrical about the sumptuous 100% pure silk and the totally unique designs which are hand painted by talented artists to create these stunning works of wearable art.  Be sure to mention the prices too though, otherwise your loved ones are likely to think that these gorgeous accessories will be out of their financial reach and you’ll just end up with the same box of chocolates or bottle of perfume that you usually get.

Because silk scarves and shawls come in such a wide range of colors and patterns, it’s probably helpful if you indicate to your loved ones which colors and designs most appeal to you.  Just a general idea of a theme for the pattern will do fine and then you will still get a lovely surprise when your fabulous scarf or shawl with its one-off design arrives.

Don’t think of hinting about the gift that you’d like as being cheeky.  Think of it as doing your loved ones a favor.  After all, if they’re going to buy for you at all, it might just as well be something that you want!

Interested in silk scarves and shawls or hand painted scarves?  Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.




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Luxurious Silk ScarfSilk scarves might have been the mark of luxury for centuries, but if it’s ever crossed your mind that there’s something slightly outdated about them, then think again.  Today’s fabulous designs and stunning colors make them some of the most fashionable accessories that a woman can own.

From the modern day fashion icons who grace some of the world’s most famous catwalks to the stars of screen and stage, young women everywhere have discovered the secret of the style and versatility of sumptuous silk scarves.  Unlike the traditional head squares which were the staple of women’s wardrobes years ago though, the silk scarves which have become such a favorite of the young women of today are vibrant, fun items which make high fashion statements and let their wearers stand out as the individuals that they are.

For today’s discerning buyers, making the ultimate fashion statement isn’t just about wearing what everyone else is wearing during any given season.  It’s about putting your own distinctive twist on the latest fashions to make them your own.  This is just one of the reasons why so many young women are choosing handmade silk scarves to add to their collections, because every one of these gorgeous accessories is an entirely unique work of wearable art.  Not only this, however, but with so many exciting ways to wear silk scarves, you can create a totally new look every time you put them on.

For daytime wear, some of the most fashionable designs of silk scarves are also some of the simplest.  Bright rainbow stripes and checkered patterns in a variety of different colors are perfect for keeping out the cold, as well as for adding a stylish and modern twist to an outfit.  When worn with plain office attire or casual outfits, stripes and checks provide added interest without making an ensemble look overly fussy.

Of course, for those fabulous evenings out on the town, silk scarves which carry modern abstract designs are just perfect.  Bold geometric designs in vibrant colors give an incomparable look of pizzazz and, with hand painted silk scarves, there is no need to worry about bumping into someone else who is wearing the same thing, or about being upstaged by an outfit which is more luxurious or stylish.

Creating a high fashion look doesn’t have to mean choosing from the collections of repeat styles and patterns which are available in the department stores or looking like a clone.  With fabulous hand painted silk scarves, you can achieve a wonderfully modern look which is all your own.

Interested in silk scarves and shawls or hand painted scarves?  Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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Jenny Joseph wrote a poem entitled Warning. Many women are probably familiar with the first line ‘When I am an old woman I shall wear purple’. This appealing verse addresses the issue of restrictions resulting from living responsibly stating this is what we can successfully do as we age. The list includes “childish” things such as eating those samples displayed in stores, releasing the alarm, wearing our slippers outdoors when it rains, picking other people’s flowers and wearing the color purple.

These thoughts surely cross the minds of many women as they bustle about “doing the right thing.” Yet, the poem is also a battle call. It is a reminder that we don’t have to wait until we are old and considered eccentric before we enjoy some aspects of life. Among these things is wearing bright colors.

A quick glance around reveals some older women do seem to be more colorful now. They, like so many youngsters, used to play it safe wearing a solid color, like black, from tip to toe. Today, they absolutely seem to flaunt brilliant shads of oranges, reds and even purples. Yet, while the woman in Ms. John’s verse is looking forward to clashing her purple dress with a red hat, these women tastefully combine their stunning shades. They wear them with grace and style. They carefully and elegantly dare to celebrate all the magnificent colors found in nature.

Women who decide to wear bright and bold colors do not have to abandon good taste. In certain accessories, for example, silk scarves and shawls the right mix of colors looks absolutely stunning. It does not matter whether the design is floral, abstract, checkered or striped hand dyed scarves and hand painted shawls consist of brilliantly harmonized colors. They always succeed in providing an air of chic sophistication and style to anyone who wears them. What is also important is this. You do not have to wait until you are old. These stunning accessories look superb on females of any age.  As long as you team them with the right outfit, the effect, whether matching or contrasting both discerning and stunning.

It is incorrect to say only the old can wear hand painted silk scarves and shawls and the color purple. They are suitable for both young and old females. They rate high as a must-have fashion item for your closet. The vast availability of gorgeous distinctive designs, provide something for everyone. Whether you are 18 or 80, traditional or highly celebrity fashion conscious, you can find one to suit your needs to quickly transform your outfit.


Interested in Women Scarves and Shawls, Cashmere, Pashmina or Hand-Painted Silk Scarves? Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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Casual and workday attire may be inexpensive and cheerful, yet, when it comes to those special evenings out, this simply will not do. While shelling out more pending money for these outfits may seem to be the answer, we still run the risk of turning up in an identical outfit someone else is wearing. Designer garments are not a fool proof method of avoiding the clone syndrome.

You can make a strongly individualistic statement while showing off your style, elegance and grace without spending tons of money on a supposedly original gown. Simply take an inexpensive outfit and team it with a truly unique women’s silk scarf or shawl. This is relatively simple if you avoid those mass-produced accessories found in retail outlets or even the printed limited repetitive printed patterns of designer scarves. Instead look to online suppliers with their seemingly endless supply of individually-designed artist-fashioned accessories. These truly unique items have no double anywhere.

One advantage of silk scarves and shawls is the variety of size and shape. You can purchase some truly amazing, rare examples come in larger sizes. You can use them as cover-ups. They can conceal the less expensive dress beneath. What someone sees instead is the magnificent beauty of the luxurious silk shawl or scarf. Even if someone appears in an identical gown, no one will remark or even notice. Your shawl or scarf will draw all eyes.

While in the past, silk was very expensive and exclusively worn by the well-to-do, this is no longer the case. Easier transportation and the opening of large markets have decreased the overall price of this opulent and expensive material.  You can now purchase an exclusive, unique, 100% pure silk scarf or shawl for less than or equal to that of a designer’s accessory.

The quality and the uniqueness of hand-painted silk scarves and shawls lie in the centuries-old process. They are not mass-produced, thereby avoiding the trap of repetition, running or fading colors schemes and poor quality. If you desire high quality and proper draping, do not purchase designer or mass-produced items. These printed accessories quickly lose their flow, softness and shape quickly. Their colors fade, leaving them lifeless. Hand-painted and hand died silk scarves and shawls suffer from none of these problems. Their colors remain vibrant longer. They retain their softness and drape beautifully. If you want to avoid the cost and complications of possible duplication while making a very vibrant statement of style and individuality, do not spend a small fortune on a designer evening gown. Instead, invest in a remarkable silk scarf or shawl.


Interested in Women Scarves and Shawls, Cashmere, Pashmina or Hand-Painted Silk Scarves? Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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