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Silk scarves never go out of style! Whether it’s the shivering coldness of winters and festivities of Christmas or the warmth of summer and clouds gathering together for a show, silk scarves can be worn in style for just about any occasion.

A silk scarf is more like an accessory to fashion wear or casual wear and there are plenty of ways to tie a scarf and show off your attitude or make a style statement. What really make silk unique is the feel and the look, and more than that now you can even wear silk scarves like a celebrity. Some of the top celebrities in the world, such as Kate Middleton or Paris Hilton, often wear scarves in their own inimitable ways and create mega fashion statements. Even her majesty, Queen Elizabeth sports vintage silk scarves in the most unmistakably fashionable way, which is as a headscarf.

Popular Styles of Silk Scarves by Celebrities

There are several popular styles of wearing silk scarves and different celebrities across the world have their own styles. Some of the top silk scarf styles that you can wear to bring out your personality or attitude include:

Headscarf: Wear it the way her majesty, Queen Elizabeth wears it! Wearing a headscarf not only looks good but also covers your head and ears from chilly breeze. If that’s not all, the headscarf style also blends the vintage look with a modern look. It looks great on middle aged women, elderly women as well as teenagers. You can carry it off with country attire as well as corporate attire.

Uber-Cool Neck Wrap: Wear it the Kate Middleton way! You can wear silk scarves in various styles including the casual swing with a single knot, fake knot style, or give it the French twist. You can simply let it hang loose from the shoulder or just let it cover your neck. You can sport it with jeans and casuals as well as with tailored blazers and sleek pants.

Girly Headband: Wear it the Paris Hilton way! The one thing that Paris Hilton always reminds us of is the sporting silk headbands and neck wraps. Now you can also sport some of her styles and use silk scarves as an important hair accessory. There is a lot of experimentation that you can do with silk scarves as headbands and it also helps in keeping your hairstyle in place. The Paris Hilton style complements casual wear as well as party wear and highlights the oomph factors!


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Although there are numerous ways to wear a silk scarf around the neck, some styles work better for certain occasions than they do for others. Tie it one way and it will look more casual, another and it will give you an air of smart professionalism, and another way still and it will look stunning with an elegant evening gown.

Of course, before deciding on how you would like to wear your silk scarf, you need to choose one which is appropriate for the occasion. Although they do come in many different shapes and sizes, the longer ones tend to look much more elegant and sophisticated for evening functions such as cocktail parties, visits to the opera or theater, charity benefits and so on. For a look of real class, the handmade examples which feature unique designs and are painted by hand using special silk dyes are far superior, and of course help you to avoid the potential embarrassment of bumping into someone else who is wearing the same thing. In addition, the 100% silk fabric which is used to produce these stunning accessories drapes and floats in a way which is unmistakable, so everyone will know that you are wearing the very best quality.

The very simplest way to wear a long silk scarf with evening attire is simply to drape it around the back of the neck so that the two free ends hang down the front of the body. Alternatively, you could either loop the length of the scarf once around the neck so that the ends hang to the front or, for an extremely elegant look, do the same thing but have the two lengths of fabric reaching down your back. The latter method looks particularly striking with dresses which are cut low at the back, but either method works especially well for women who want to hide any wrinkling on the neck or even unsightly birth marks or scars. Two other very simple methods of wearing a long scarf involve draping the fabric across the back of the neck so that the ends fall to the front of the body, and then either tossing one end across the opposite shoulder completely so that the fabric sits closely against the front of the neck, or leaving the crossed end lying on the opposite shoulder.

For a very sophisticated look which works extremely well for those with long elegant necks, a rosette is an excellent choice. Simply hang a long silk scarf around the back of the neck, allowing the two ends to fall to the front of the body. Twist one end of the fabric over the other again and again to create a rope-like effect, and continue doing this until the fabric starts to double back on itself and moves close up against the neck, sitting slightly off center. When all the fabric has been used up, simply tuck the free ends into the back of the rosette that you have created so that they are not on show.


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Silk scarves for women come in all different shapes and sizes and are some of the most versatile accessories to add flair, style, color and interest to any outfit. While larger ones can be transformed into sarongs and longer ones into belts and even halter neck tops, even the square ones can be tied in a multitude of different ways to create stunning effects.

Worn in the hair, square silk scarves can not only be tied in ways which are purely decorative, but also so that they are highly practical. One of the simplest ideas is to turn your scarf into a head band. Simply fold the fabric in half across the diagonal and then, beginning with the pointed ends opposite the fold, roll or fold the scarf until you have a cylinder shape. You can now place the scarf across the top of your hair and either tie it underneath so that the free ends hang down your back, or to one side, just below the ear, with the free ends hanging to the front of your shoulder. Another completely different look can be achieved by feeding the cylinder underneath your hair and tying the free ends on top with a pretty bow. All of these methods make for a very attractive daytime or evening look.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to wear your hair in a pony tail, then you can simply tie the cylinder of fabric where your hair is gathered. In this case, however, it is always better to use a hair elastic to secure your hair first and then tie the scarf on top of the elastic. This will stop the smooth, silky material from slipping off so easily. For a slightly more elegant look, secure the pony tail at the top, plait the length of the hair, secure again at the bottom and then tie your scarf as before.

On hot days, you may want to protect your head or your hair from the strong sunshine, and there are two great ways that you can do this. These ideas also work very well for those occasions when you want to keep all of your hair out of your face, such as when driving in an open-topped car. Again, begin by folding your square silk scarf across the diagonal, but this time place the triangle which has been formed across the top of your head. Then, either simply tie the fabric underneath your hair or, for even greater coverage, tie it underneath first and then take the third corner and tuck it under the original knot or twist it several times around the knot if there is sufficient material.

Although square scarves made from any type of fabric can be used to decorate the head or hair, those made of silk make for a particularly practical choice because the material is so fine. Not only does it drape beautifully, but the knots are smaller, far less bulky and much more comfortable. Of course, for a really special and unique look, hand painted silk scarves make the ultimate fashion statement and will show off your hair in all its glorious beauty.


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Having to dress for the office can become slightly tedious – the same smart business suits day in and day out. With the addition of a gorgeous hand painted silk scarf, however, you can create a wonderful range of different looks and add interest and color to your whole outfit.

Hand painted silk scarves, as opposed to the printed alternatives, are a superb investment for the office. The luxurious fabric and the unique designs provide a look of elegance which is ideal in the professional environment and the colors can brighten even the dullest or plainest suit.

The way in which you tie a silk scarf can change your look entirely, so it is well worthwhile playing around with different styles to find out what works best for your workplace and what feels most comfortable. All of the ways to create a professional look take only seconds to achieve and you can vary your look from day to day.

Square scarves can be folded in half across the diagonal, rolled or folded to create a cylinder and then tied in a simple knot which is worn to the side of the neck or used to create a choker with the knot being placed at the back of the neck.

Another great look can be achieved with a half knot. Simply place a long silk scarf around the back of your neck with both ends hanging freely to the front, but leave one end longer than the other. Cross the longer end over the shorter one, place your hand half way down the length of the longer piece and bring it up above where the two pieces of fabric cross. You should now be holding a loop of material. Take hold of the whole of the loop in one hand and the end of the shorter piece of fabric in the other and pull in opposite directions until the scarf is comfortably tight around your neck.

A quick and easy way to tie a long silk scarf which both looks very attractive and is particularly effective for showing off the gorgeous hand painted design is to fold the scarf in half lengthways, place the double layer of fabric around the back of the neck so that the free ends and the folded end fall to the front. Feed the free ends through the loop created at the fold and pull to tighten.

For a really chic style which looks stunning with a business suit, simply place the middle of the scarf at the back of your neck with the two ends falling to the front and then twist one end of the fabric over the other to create a rope-like effect. When both ends are twisted all the way to the bottom, hold the two ends together and continue to twist so that the ‘rope’ begins to fold back on itself, moving closer and closer to your neck and creating a rosette effect. To complete the look, just tuck the ends of the fabric behind the rosette so that they are out of sight.


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Stars like Kate Hudson can truly do no wrong when it comes to the fashion world. She’s been seen in some of our favorite romantic movies majority of them co-starring Matthew Mcconaughey in movies such as Fools Gold and How to lose a guy in 10 Days. But what if you can look like a star using only a few items in 10 different ways? We adore Kate Hudson and we can say that some of her red carpet appearances have been graced with her appearance in silk garments and when she’s out you can find her in the most casual wear such as jeans and suede boots. These are styles that can not only be imitated but also made into your own so that you can not only appear to be beautiful but feel it as well.

Silk is one of the most versatile garments. You can wear it several ways. We’ve seen the hottest celebrities wear it on the red carpet under the name Vera Wang or even Marc Jacob, but silk isn’t a rare find only a rare beauty. Hand painted silk scarves can be worn several different occasions without the feeling of you being over dressed or even under dressed. Wearing hand painted silk shawls or scarves gives you enough elegance and even confidence to wear with any item of you choosing and can even be worn in all warm weather due to its ability to absorb moisture and maintain heat so that you can never be too hot or too cold. Silk garment can allow you to sport  the latest celebrity fashion and the most glamorous at your own will.

Jeans have not gone outdated and just like silk they have only been renovated to make it look and feel more special for those who wear it. Silk scarves for women and jeans for women around the world create an endless designs and imaginations as to what they can be paired off with or made into. These tips can give you and ideas as to how to sport each item just as Kate Hudson would or any other celebrity who looks and feels what they are wearing.

  1. Silk scarves can be tied about the neck for classical feel.
  2. Wear a loose belt about your waist with your jeans. You can do this with any pair and look for results. People with think it’s a new pair each time.
  3. Jeans can be cut with a razor. So you add more rips to those pair of jeans that you think that are worn out. Be careful and make sure to use a clean razor but for your master mind go to work.
  4. Silk shawls also can be worn about the neck and should giving your shirt a different look each time. You can find silk garments in fabric stores by the yard.
  5. Tie you silk scarf into a bow around your neck. No you won’t look like a clown. If tied loosely you can give your blouse more flare.
  6. Wear your hand painted silk scarf around your head leaving the tail lying loosely by your shoulders.
  7. Have a hot glue gun? Glue rhinestones to your jeans of any color of your choosing. You can even cross stitch a design or patch.
  8. Use your silk scarf for a hair tie. If you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt putting your hair into a pony tail and then tying the hand dyed scarf around it can add more punch and it still look casual
  9. Use your silk handmade scarf as a belt. This can be used on jeans as well.

10.  Liven up your silk scarves or shawls by adding custom jewelry. If you have none. You can always added glitter or even a soft shimmer to certain patterns on the silk scarf or shawl.

For more ideas check out womenclothingtoday.com ,where you can find an endless supply of silk shawls and scarves and stylish ways to tie them and make them your own.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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Silk scarves and shawls can be worn in a variety of ways: as head coverings, accent pieces, belts, and even as garments. Silk scarf can keep the chill away when the weather gets too cold and can provide protection from the sun when it gets too hot. They are truly versatile and can add flair to a style, or be used as a subtle accent. They can be tied, pinned with a piece of jewellery, or secured with specially designed accents. Silk scarves can also be used as shawls at weddings, complimenting bridal dresses and jewellery. Below you will see some examples of ways to wear scarves to accentuate your look, the shape of scarf you will need and how to secure them.

We are always telling our customers “All it takes is some creativity to get the most out of your dream silk scarf”.

One of the easiest and most common ways of using a scarf is to tie a silk scarf around your neck.

This style works perfectly for a smaller, dressier silk scarf. Your handmade silk scarf will look great under an open collared blouse or a sweater.

Follow these simple steps to tie your scarf around your neck:

  1. Tie a knot in the middle of the scarf
  2. Secure your scarf behind your neck with a loose knot
  3. Adjust the front knot where you desire

Another alternative is simply tie the two ends of the silk scarf together in the front and allow the ends to fall where you please.

There is another way to tie a silk scarf and it works great for the long silk scarves and shawls.

Follow these simple steps to tie your silk scarf:

  1. Fold your silk scarf in half lengthwise and wrap around your neck.
  2. Keep looped end on one side and open ends on the other.
  3. Slip the opens ends through the loop and gently tighten and adjust as desired.
  4. Allow the ends to fall where you feel comfortable.

Another variation for using a silk scarf is to wrap it around the head.

Reminiscent of the styles of old Hollywood movie stars, it covers the hair and most of the neck areas completely.

To do this, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Take the silk scarf and fold it diagonally by pairing one corner with its opposite corner
  2. Put the scarf over your head with the folded portion fanning forward and tie it under your chin
  3. Gather the loose materials at the back and tie them under the hair for a sleeker and neater appearance

There is another way to tie your silk scarf around you neck. We can use it as a headband.

This particular method is better for longer/larger silk scarves and shawls.

Here is way you should do it:

  1. First, place the silk scarf over the head with one side longer than the other side
  2. Gather the ends of the scarf and cross them underneath the hair
  3. Twisting the longer portion of the garment, knot it with the other end to secure it around your head.

The ends of the silk scarf can be left to dangle to create a casual, bohemian look or tucked underneath the material for something sleeker.

You can also make halter tops or sarong skirts from you long silk scarves and shawls.

Here is the way to do it:

  1. Take your silk scarf and folded the material diagonally to create a large triangle.
  2. Fold the longest side of the silk scarf once more to create the appearance of a belt and wrap it around your waist.
  3. Secure the silk scarf by making two knots on the side.

This can serve as the perfect cover-up for lazy days on the beach.

To create a blouse or top from your square shape silk scarf or shawl, please do the following:

  1. Take your silk scarf and tie a small knot at the center and then fold the silk scarf diagonally so that the knot is found on the inside.
  2. Drape the folded side of the material around your waist in such a way that the unsecured corners fall down.
  3. How to tie a scarf and these edges at the back to secure it. The loose edges of the scarf should then be lifted to cover the chest area and then looped around the neck.
  4. Tie these corners of scarf around the neck to hold the halter top in place.

Another fun way to get more use out of your silk scarf is to make a belt out of it!

Please, follow these instructions:

  1. Simply fold the long strip of silk scarf lengthwise to create a rectangular shape. You can fold it as many times as you like until you have the desired width. However, two folds are usually enough.
  2. You can then cinch your scarf around your waist and secure it with a knot for an elegant look.
  3. To add even more drama to your silk scarf, you can use a brooch or decorative clips to pin the fabric in place instead of tying it.

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