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Jenny Joseph wrote a poem entitled Warning. Many women are probably familiar with the first line ‘When I am an old woman I shall wear purple’. This appealing verse addresses the issue of restrictions resulting from living responsibly stating this is what we can successfully do as we age. The list includes “childish” things such as eating those samples displayed in stores, releasing the alarm, wearing our slippers outdoors when it rains, picking other people’s flowers and wearing the color purple.

These thoughts surely cross the minds of many women as they bustle about “doing the right thing.” Yet, the poem is also a battle call. It is a reminder that we don’t have to wait until we are old and considered eccentric before we enjoy some aspects of life. Among these things is wearing bright colors.

A quick glance around reveals some older women do seem to be more colorful now. They, like so many youngsters, used to play it safe wearing a solid color, like black, from tip to toe. Today, they absolutely seem to flaunt brilliant shads of oranges, reds and even purples. Yet, while the woman in Ms. John’s verse is looking forward to clashing her purple dress with a red hat, these women tastefully combine their stunning shades. They wear them with grace and style. They carefully and elegantly dare to celebrate all the magnificent colors found in nature.

Women who decide to wear bright and bold colors do not have to abandon good taste. In certain accessories, for example, silk scarves and shawls the right mix of colors looks absolutely stunning. It does not matter whether the design is floral, abstract, checkered or striped hand dyed scarves and hand painted shawls consist of brilliantly harmonized colors. They always succeed in providing an air of chic sophistication and style to anyone who wears them. What is also important is this. You do not have to wait until you are old. These stunning accessories look superb on females of any age.  As long as you team them with the right outfit, the effect, whether matching or contrasting both discerning and stunning.

It is incorrect to say only the old can wear hand painted silk scarves and shawls and the color purple. They are suitable for both young and old females. They rate high as a must-have fashion item for your closet. The vast availability of gorgeous distinctive designs, provide something for everyone. Whether you are 18 or 80, traditional or highly celebrity fashion conscious, you can find one to suit your needs to quickly transform your outfit.


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