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Silk scarves have always been a favourite with women as a fashion accessory. These vibrantly coloured pieces of accessory can be paired up with all kinds of attire – official, evening or casual – and make for a wonderful style statement. The more coveted ones are probably the hand painted silk scarves due to their inimitable designs and luxurious feel.

Silk is the perfect material to don during the early days of winter and also toward the beginning of spring, when it is neither too cold nor too warm. While you might not want to carry around heavy woollens with you just in case, but with silk scarves you can easily have them around tucked or folded in your bag or even purse and whenever you feel the need you can just wrap them up around your neck or use it as a pretty head scarf to add colour to your otherwise demure attire.

Handmade silk scarves are finished with attention, love and care. The artists use their imagination and creativity to imprint unique patterns on each of them making them come alive with gorgeous colours  The hand driven process ensures that the silk material never loses its original sheen and glamour, which at times is the case with factory produced silk scarves for women. When the artist pays individual and careful attention to every single unit that is coming out of the creative stables, it shows on the quality, uniqueness and brilliance of the piece. They become exclusive pieces of accessory that helps you to add that extra zing to your fashion statement. They are also extremely flexible in the ways you can use them. You can use them as headgear, to adorn your neck or just wrap them around yourself in any way to highlight and vary your style.

With Christmas coming, you will have a plethora of stores attracting you with variety of silk scarves Christmas gifts for women tags. With the abundance of styles, patterns, textures and designs it might get difficult for you to choose from. However, you cannot mistake the hand painted silk scarves due to their inimitable designs and rich finish. You can buy them or yourself to wear to the umpteen numbers of gatherings, parties and occasions that you will go to in the festive season. It is also a great idea to buy handmade silk scarves as a novelty gift for your loved ones and girl friends for Christmas. The speciality will certainly make them go gaga and aptly convey the message how special they are to you to have hand-picked something as unique as these fashion accessories that suit their persona and style statements.


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One of the most popular gifts for art lovers today are hand painted silk scarves. Of late, there has been a rising interest in handmade silk scarves because they bring out positive qualities, such as elegance, beauty, charm, and grace in women. On one hand, these silk scarves bring out nuances of still life art and on the other, they highlight the complexity of abstract art. Nature and other elements have been used at the primary subject in the paintings on silk scarves to denote various emotions and aesthetic value. Abstract paintings on silk scarves have been used for indicating a departure from the reality.

These handmade silk scarves are the perfect abstract art gifts for women. Abstract art, sometimes also known as figurative art, highlights cubism and can be depicted through lyrical and geometric abstraction. Abstract art came into existence due to three different art movements, including Expressionism, Romanticism, and Impressionism. The 20th century abstract art was practised by Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, and Georges Seurat and followed by the likes of Maurice de Vlaminck, and Georges Braque in the pre-cubism era. Cubism art form arrived with Fauvism and was practised by Pablo Picasso, followed by the likes of Francis Picabia, František Kupka, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Keeping in mind the philosophy of abstraction and the essence of modern abstract art, silk scarves for women were hand painted to perfection. Some of the top artists used green dyes and environmental colours to render a strange kind of simplicity to abstract art. The highlight of the hand painted silk scarves is the colour tones, which have been used in a way that they make the scarves stand out. Even the subtle colour tones have been induced with abstract forms including lines, squares, cubes, and circles, to impart uniqueness to silk scarves.

Abstract art highlighted through silk scarves for women focus on modern or contemporary designs. These designs have been painted on the highest and luxurious quality of silk so that the shine and smoothness of the silk scarf is retained. After all, silk without shine is like a painting devoid of colours  One of the other aspects of abstract art highlighted in the hand painted silk scarves is a mix of minimalist art with themes that border on timeless, contemplative, and the transcendental. These three themes add an element of creativity and innovation, which make these silk scarves perfect luxury gifts for women!

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A painting is like the window to the soul of the painter, and hand painted silk scarves act like doors to the soul of a woman. What is so different about handmade silk scarves? These are silk scarves for women that have moved away from the traditional design and bring out the true essence of painting or art using pastel colours  It is almost like wearing a painting, which lives and breathes the psychology or emotions of the woman wearing it.

With the festive season approaching, hand-painted silk scarves are an accessory that possess certain uniqueness and are perfect Christmas gifts for women because this is one occasion when the pastel colours of the paintings on the scarves will come alive. It’s the time to make heads turn; it’s the time to wear natural colours and earth tones. Nothing can be brighter this Christmas than the colours of your attitude brought about through the subtle forms of art on silk scarves.

Hand-painted silk scarves are unique gifts for women for many reasons:

Elegance: These handmade silk scarves can be worn with formal evening wear, party wear, ball gowns, and even casual clothing. Whatever the style of clothing, the scarves with beautiful paintings on them induces an element of elegance and complements the occasion.

Paintings: Paintings have always adorned the walls and fireplaces, but on a silk scarf, they can bring out a whole range of feelings and emotions, right from being provocative to being demure. Paintings on the scarves have been created painstakingly by top artists using environmentally friendly pastel colours  It is a perfect gift for women who love paintings and floral designs. Paintings have been created on the scarf using the idea of form and shape including abstract forms.

Use:  These handmade silk scarves have plenty of uses and can be used as a headband to accentuate hair styles or as a muffler to provide protection from cold. They can be worn at different occasion and at home or office. They can also be used as a wall painting or as a nice form of home décor.

Gift Ideas: The hand-painted silk scarves are great gifts to be presented to loved ones this Christmas. There are a wide range of paintings to choose from, including floral designs, abstract patterns, oriental designs, and nature designs, among others. They can be gifted on weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other social occasion. You can bring lots of joy to the loved ones by gifting them with such exclusive gifts!

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hen the cold arrives, the only effective way to hold it at bay is to layer your clothing. The air builds up between each layer, providing warmth that keeps us contentedly snug. The major problem with layering is it may restrict your movement. Moreover, too many bulky layers make women feel fat, formless and unattractive – not the pleasantest way to spend the long winter months.

There is a way to avoid it. You need to realize that thin layers can be as effective as thick ones are. You need to play the numbers not the thickness game. While many man-made fabrics such as nylon make you sweat, thinner natural materials such as silk prove to be more effective. Silk actually retains heat while drawing away sweat. This is one explanation why, traditionally, high quality items had silk linings.

Although it is difficult to imagine fine and flimsy silk scarves can provide effective protection from winter’s bitter blast, it is true. A silk scarf or shawl is truly extremely effectual. Draped over the shoulders sandwiched between a sweater or blouse and a coat or jacket or rather an overcoat and perhaps a light jacket, a silk scarf boosts both temperature and a woman’s sense of worth. Gone is a human blimp. A further advantage is this. When you remove your outer layers, you can simply reposition your stunning hand dyed scarf. It will add its own dash to whatever you are wearing. Its inimitable pattern and strikingly exciting colors provide a boost to any outfit.

Another inimitable accessory is a hand dyed silk shawl. Like silk scarves, these add an amazing élan draped casually over coats and jackets. Suddenly that plain old outer garment looks fresh and new. Selecting a singular hand-painted design will be sure to set you apart from the crowd. As for locating a shawl right for you – that is not a problem. Talented craftspeople work with the fabric, slowly introducing the multitude of hues and patterns through traditional hand-painting techniques. The colors and patterns they create are not found in the mass-produce counterpart. Silk accessories of this high quality are unique. You can find one able to match any outfit – inner or outerwear. Not only will you feel warm and toasty wearing these 100% pure silk accessories, but you will have abandoned that bloated look for something tasteful, practical and absolutely gorgeous.


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The look of a lit up city lights, the sight of flying taxi’s, the lure of pounding music in the distance and the soft beat of your heart are all what is included on the night out on the town. We’re looking to have a good time and in so doing we want to look and feel great. Nothing says a good time when you feel good in what you wear as well. So with the temperatures dropping and holiday seasons rolling around we’re looking for occasions to look good and even still we’re looking to look good even if there isn’t a specific occasion. Going to the pier for a good time on the Farris wheel or hoping in the car for a carpool ride with your friends to work, we want to look good.  Entering with this fall’s fashion we see some of the latest styles like sweater dresses, sweaters, tunics, and of course the all out time for the boots season. We bust out the boots mainly around this time because it’s not only fitting it’s also the time where we can be just warm enough and sexy and comfortable all in one setting.

With the temperature drop sweater dresses are perfect for this weather and we can almost imagine the warmth and coziness. Styles like the ¼ sleeve or the long sleeve or sleeveless are hip and comfy and also worn for a sexy yet casual look and also where they can be soon found in stores like Victoria secret. They’re styles are not only sexy and stylish but they also use lasting material. Accessorizing with sweater dresses as well can be very easy. Depending on whether you choose to have a neck line or turtle neck will decide what kind of necklace you will want to wear. Sometimes the turtle neck can cover up the dangling necklace but if you want it to be seen you want to wear a longer necklace. Boots look amazing with sweater dresses as well and make your legs look longer. Having the sweater dress meet the length of your knees or your boots meeting there will have this effect.

The fall always calls for scarves and there are numerous places as to where you can find them like womenclothingtoday.com and express.com, where especially at this time sites like this have their seasonal sale. During this time you can find good deals of course so it’s a good time to find yourself in stores and not just online. Both places are different which means the prices will be.

Finding accessories can be simple enough but seasonal items like sweater dresses are hard to find so be sure to snoop out a good deal and share it with your friends as well as enjoy the night life.

Myquisha Delbridge.

Interested in Silk Scarves and Shawls, or Hand-Painted Scarves? Visit WomenClothingToday.com to browse a gorgeous collection of scarves and shawls.

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