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“My boots are made for walkin, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.” Famous song, famous quote sung by Nancy Sinatra and Jessica Simpson and possibly countless more celebs and quoted often as well by us. But it’s the truth we use those boots anytime as a matter of fact if we could have it any other way the world should just only be filled with boots and hot boys! But with reality we know that finding a good pair of boots and the right pair of accessories to go along with it. We look all throughout the mall just to see the same boot a few times at a range of prices. Sometimes we luck out and find the perfect boots or booties. But since the winter is here we can’t just get any pair of boots we have to think of what kind we want.

With the winter here we look to stay warm as well as stay cute and stylish. So what to look for in boots first is the material. First thing first there is a love hate relationship between boots and the material suede. We love the suede because it’s so functional and easy to slip on and slip off. And if it’s a snug fit then it’s the best. But with suede there are some setbacks, such as you can not wear them in the rain. No matter where you live, wearing suede boots is not good for the rain, or any type of water. This material will allow water to sink right through to your sock, toes, and yes your day will feel practically ruined. But suede is a great for dry days of course and colors such as black, camel and grey go great with accessories like silk scarves at womenclothingtoday.com, and even knee high skirts. Suede also goes great with any type of jeans and the best look to get this is the scrunched look. The scrunch look is where the material is ruffled around the shin area giving it a soft and appealing look. Although suede is fashionable and comfortable you can never go wrong with leather boots.

With leather boots we find ourselves in the realm of wanting to get the all leather boot which can be expensive sometimes. But in most cases we can find great imitations and at best better versions at stores like Journey’s or Express or whichever stores that qualify as your “it” store in town. Both leather and non leather boots are sought out after as well as suede boots. Height is also considered. For the up and coming you don’t want to think too always tall of a boot,  think more of comfort and warmth as well. Having a nice tall boot like those present at JC Penny’s or Macy’s at great prices. We want the boots to made for walking and made for us to stay warm and dry. Fashionable boots with side buckles like the Madden Girl boots are exotic, nice and trendy can also be found at Payless with similar look boots. Enjoy your boots and makes sure they’re made for walking and stay warm during all your cold season.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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