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Dimmed lights, shinny cars, honking into the mist of the night is what we look forward to on a night out. On the other hand these are things what we expect to find on a night out on the town. Just as when we go to the mal we wish to find certain things, certain amenities any mall would have. After a hard days of shopping we hope to find a food court; as well as a handful of bargain shops we hope to find department stores. And on the west coast we hope to find certain stores like JC Penny, Nordstorms, Dillards, Macy’s, or Marshalls and other well known department stores. But there are several things in which we look forward to within a mall and sometimes we can even learn from it. That’s why when we go we have a semi open mind. We know what we want yet we keep an eye open to what will do us good or what may look good even if it is on someone else.

When we walk around the mall we see a variety of different things. Most of the time we become bombarded with the key markets within the center of the mall with hair flat irons, curlers, skin firming lotion, massagers, but we also can view and see what others wear. Now we all do this subconsciously without thought or regard to what is or what isn’t right in today’s society, as far is fashion faux pas goes. But as we walk around the mall we see what everyone is wearing and what is great or what isn’t or sometimes we find just what we’re looking for.

With the cold season already at hand we can see a different variety of boots. Knee high boots are not only fashionable but they also have a variety within themselves. Whether knee high boots can be heels, pumps, or flat. These are the types of boots to look for in that they can not only keep you warm but they can be very fashionable in their design, with buckles, rhine stones or even the material they are made of. Boots don’t have to be exquisite leather but suede or any other to your suiting. Don’t just settle to any material but be aware of the material they are made out of sometimes cheap may not always be the way out, so being sure your are happy with your choice look into the product. Places like amiclubware share a wide variety of inexpensive boots with good quality just as well as stores like Nordstorm, who has a great variety of designer boots for sale prices on occasion.

Another worn prospect around the mall and around many during every season is scarves. Scarves on the other hand are very useful and they’re purpose can suit many desires. But right now the desire and purpose is to see them about each other’s neck. The material that is commonly seen is cotton but what about silk. Sometimes we can think that silk is too pricely or something that would only show class, but this material for a scarf can exude much comfort as well as casualness. Scarves shown at sites like womenclothingtoday.com shows a different way for you to wear them as well as the ways you’ve seen. So on your next mall stop you can look for boots and scarves that best match your taste. Whether you are going for a sleek and sexy look or casual look the winter style is sure to be within all your mall stops stores.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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