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We’ve all done it; it’s too warm for a sweater, cardigan or jacket, so we go off out in a sleeveless top or a strappy dress, completely forgetting that by the time we have stopped chasing around to get ready, and as soon as the temperature has started to drop as day turns to evening, we are going to be shivering with cold. Grabbing a silk scarf or shawl on the way out of the door, however, can ensure that instead of worrying about having goose flesh all night, we can just get on and enjoy ourselves in perfect comfort.

Especially on those warm days in spring, summer and autumn, it can be very easy to get caught out by the weather, but the last thing that we style-conscious ladies want is to spoil our look by lugging around thick jackets and coats which we might not even need to use. While a warm sweater can, of course, be worn knotted around the shoulders until such time as it might be needed, this look will only work with certain outfits and certainly would not be an option with an elegant evening gown.

Silk scarves and shawls, on the other hand, provide the perfect solution for those occasions when it is impossible to tell what the weather might do. The fine, lightweight fabric folds up neatly, making it easy to pop your fabulous accessory into your purse. Better still, however, why not just wear it as part of your outfit to enhance your look?

The great thing about silk scarves and shawls is that they can be worn on so many different parts of the body and so, when it is still warm outside, you can wear it as pure decoration, but when it cools down you can move it to wrap around your shoulders and keep out the chill. You might, for example, wear it in your hair or to adorn a hat, or tie it around your waist or hips over the top of a skirt or pants. As the temperature drops, simply untie it and place it around your arms, neck or shoulders to keep you snugly warm.

Even if you just choose to carry your women’s scarf or shawl with you though, or drape it casually across your arms or shoulders, it will still provide that added bit of glamour and eye-catching appeal to your overall look. Unlike a bulky jacket thrown across your arm, a fabulous hand-painted silk scarf or handmade shawl will look like the stunning accessory that it is, instead of just an afterthought.

Of course, if you are going to go for maximum appeal, then the vivid colors, the sumptuous fabric and the gorgeous, unique designs on the hand-painted examples of women’s scarves and shawls make them the only ones to choose. After all, why just be warm and cozy when you can look stunning too?


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