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Sometimes staying warm and looking cute can be challenging at times. It’s not the best way to look at all the time either but sometime we get tired of seeing girls wear boots with shorts and a scarf in the pouring rain. It’s not the best look for the rain but some of us girls do just because to us it’s not cute. We want to be warm and cute and with these fun and innovative ways you can look gorgeous without looking like a big ball of cloth ready for the worst weather.

One of the things to keep in mind about today’s fashion is that even though some things may start off expensive they can really be great fabric and great quality that can last for a long time but that doesn’t mean that you have to always look for the most expensive products. Like Victoria Secret who have a plethora of different prices you can find great quality coats and robes. Dillard’s have great quality coats as well. Old Navy and Macy’s who have great colorful sweaters at decent and affordable prices especially at this time of year. And even nice sleek silk scarves at womenclothingtoday.com But it sometimes can be difficult finding what styles or looks you should go for when shopping or adding to your closet.

1.     A Must Have: A Robe. Victoria Secrets terry cloth robes are beyond luxurious and worth every penny. When you step out of the shower for some reason it seems a lot colder on during the fall and winter season but robes can be worn around the house as well as after the shower. With these robes you can get dried off and it won’t get heavy or soaked.

2.     Scarves! You can never have too many of these because they can be used during every single season.

3.     Boots! Jessica Simpson’s Shoe collection is very admirable and the shoes are very comfortable. Get a neutral color: brown, black or even grey and you can wear these shoes even if it has a heel. Her shoes are stylish for the work place as well as school. Also see Madden’s boots.

4.     Sweater dresses at Old Navy. A lot sweater dresses at old navy or at a great price providing great warmth with a smooth feel.

5.     Slippers. Don’t you just hate when you get those slippers and after a while they loose their cushion. Slippers at Victoria Secret have a great feel and last longer than you can imagine allowing for you to never wear out the cushion.

6.     Sweaters. Sweaters can be all over but for a great quality try Target and Old Navy, American Eagle, and Express.

7.     Knee High Socks & Tights. These both can be found for $6-8 at Target in the tights and stocking section. These are warm and are very durable. You can pair the knee high scoks off with your booties from Jessica Simpson booties or with the tights.

Myquisha Delbridge.

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