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Flowers are most commonly gifted to express an emotion or feeling. People mostly gift flowers to express their love and gratitude. Flowers are gifted even on different occasions and events, such as marriages, birthdays, or any other ceremony. This is because flowers embody purity of feelings. This is one of the reasons why flowers have been at the centre of attention in some of the greatest paintings of all time, including Monet’s Blue Water Lilies, Georgia O’Keeffe’s Oriental Poppies, Manet’s Lilacs in a Vase, Andy Warhol’s Flowers, Hokusai’s Bullfinch on Weeping Cherry, Jan Brueghel the Elder’s Flowers in a Vase, and Van Gogh’s Vase with Pink Roses.

Flowers are used as a primary subject in paintings by top painters even today and so much so that they are being painted in different colours and forms on silk scarves for women. Floral painting is today a mainstay in hand painted silk scarves and other similar gifts. Flower painting is considered an integral part of still life art, which depicts primarily inanimate subjects. Some of the earliest flower paintings can be attributed to Dutch, Northern Renaissance, and Flemish painters. One of the greatest still life paintings of all times is Roelant Savery’s Still Life that depicts 63 species of flowers and 44 species of animals.

Modern floral paintings came into existence with more focus on abstract art than still life. Various aspects of still life as well as abstract art have been incorporated when creating hand painted silk scarves. The paintings on these scarves revolve not only around different types of flowers, but also different colours to bring out the richness and individuality of each flower and each scarf. A lot of thought has gone into detailing the painting or art for each handmade silk scarves and selective flowers have been used.

The flowers that are most commonly painted on handmade silk scarves include Iris, Orchids, Cornflower, Tulips, Lilies, Scarlet, Yellow Roses, and an innovative mix of spring or autumn flowers, night flowers, and winter flowers, among others. The flower paintings are supported by subtle or loud background colours that offer contrast and make the silk scarves look and feel like an original masterpiece. The painted scarves are unique art gifts for women because they have retained the very essence of art and painting and at the same time can be used as an accessory for enhancing overall personality.

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