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Every bride wants her day to be unique, but with so many millions of weddings taking place around the world every week, trying to think of ideas which will make her day stand out can be tricky. Whether you yearn for the traditional white wedding with the Cinderella ball gown and flowing bridesmaids dresses or prefer your occasion to be more funky and modern though, the addition of exquisite hand painted silk scarves or hand dyed shawls can make a statement which screams class, elegance and, most importantly, uniqueness.

Trying to choose bridesmaids dresses for women or girls whose age ranges may span generations, whose shapes and sizes are completely different, whose tastes are entirely at odds with one another and whose skin tones vary enormously can be a complete nightmare. What one loves, another might hate. What is flattering to one might look spectacularly unattractive on another. At the same time though, the bride usually wants to achieve a coordinated look rather than having all her attendants looking completely different. One really simple but highly effective way to achieve a harmonized look whilst still allowing each of the bridesmaids their own sense of individuality, however, is by using silk scarves and shawls. Starting from the same basic bridesmaids dress, (a simple shift style is extremely versatile) these gorgeous accessories can be used in such a variety of ways that no matter how different the ladies are, their overall look will still be one which matches.

Because hand painted scarves and hand dyed shawls are all uniquely designed, with no two being the same, the first thing to do is to choose a harmonizing theme for your accessories – flowers, for example, would be perfect for a wedding. Next, talk to your bridesmaids to find out how they would prefer to wear their scarf or shawl. All women have certain parts of their anatomy that they feel more or less comfortable with, so try to find out which parts they either want to cover up or to accentuate. If one wants to cover her upper arms, for example, then an exquisite hand dyed shawl or a long silk scarf draped around the shoulders and across the tops of the arms would be perfect. If another wants to show off her slim waist, then a fabulous floaty scarf tied around her middle will produce the right effect. For a lady who has larger hips that she wants to disguise, a long scarf tied under the bust to create an empire line is the perfect solution.

Accommodating the different skin colorings of your bridesmaids is also easy if you use silk scarves and shawls. By selecting a neutral color of bridesmaids dress, such as ivory, you can work in the shades which are most flattering to each of your attendants in the accessory.

Combining the quality of 100% pure silk with the expert craftsmanship which goes into producing handmade scarves and shawls will guarantee that your wedding will be remembered as the stylish and elegant occasion that it should be.


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